Saturday, April 30, 2011

e.l.f. Eyebrow lifter and filler review.

I'm blonde but I dye my hair black, so I desperately need an eyebrow pen to match my hair colour. I use an eyebrow pen everyday and thought I would give the e.l.f. one a try.

Price: 3,50£ or 29,58DKK here

Eyebrow lifter and filler is a dual sided makeup pen with a "fill" side for filling in your brows and darkening them. The "lifter" side is a pale pinkish colour for highlighting under the brow, to give it a lifting effect.
Both colours are creamy but also a bit waxy. I do not like the waxy feel it has when you first apply I ordered the darkest pen wich isn't even that dark, but it suits me well. When I first applied the "filler" I instantly hated it. It clumped my brow hairs together and just looked really bad. So I put it back in my makeup closet and forgot about it. Today I tried using a little brow brush after applying the waxy "filler". That made a BIG difference. The brows just looked so much better and they didn't feel waxy anymore. Here you can see my brows before and after i used the brow brush with my eyebrow lifter and filler.

I cant really use the "lift" side as it almost darker than my skintone and therefore not really a good highlighter for me. But I will try and see if it can be used as an eye base or primer. I have mixed feelings about this product. I actually like the results of this pen+brush much better than my other brow pencil, but I can't really use the "lifter" end and I cant use the "filler" end without a brush so that's what makes it only OK in my eyes. If elf were to make a brow pencil with the brush on the end I would certainly buy it.


  1. I find I prefer the brow powders instead, I use an Inglot powder or MAC Showstopper as eyebrow fillers. I think pencil ones tend to melt away.

  2. It's nice to get some good tips from you.. I have only ever used 2 different eyebrow pencils so I am still quite new to the whole eyebrow makeup thing. After wearing this for the whole day I am quite happy with the staying power. It looks just the way it did when I put it on this morning.


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