Wednesday, April 13, 2011

e.l.f. nailpolish review

I have recently bought a few nail polishes from e.l.f. and thought it would be fun to do a little review on them. I like to wear nail polish occasionally but would not say that I am an expert in any way. This is just my opinion on the colours that I bought.

Price: $1,00 or £1,50 in europe.

Pros: Wide selection of colours, affordable, opaque, easy to apply, dries resonably fast.

Cons: not that glossy, the glitter can be a bit chunky, the colour you get may not look completely like the colour you see in the online shop.

 Golden Goddess: Fine gold glitter with larger holographic glitters.
Twinkle: Multi coloured glitter in blue/green/purple/orange tones.
Innocent: Nude.
Dark glitter purple: Very dark bluish purple with not that visible glitter.
Chocolate: warm dark brown.
Black: Nice opaque black.

All the colours except from Innocent, are not as glossy as I would have hoped. But that can easily be fixed with a good top coat. I am a bit dissapointed at Dark glitter purple. It's almost too dark to see the glitters, you have to really look closely to see it. Otherwise I think the colours are quite opaque for such an affordable nail polish. I only needed 2 coats of the regular nail polish and 3 coats of the glittery. The polishes can be a bit watery, but they are still very easy to apply.
I have experienced little to no chipping of this nail polish. Normaly when I put nail polish on, it will chip after just one day. This polish looks nice and pretty on my nails for 3-4 days before I have to touch up. I can't say that the polish won't chip on your nails, maybe it's just a good formula for my nails. I know that some of oyu might think that 3-4 days is not that long, but it's the longest wearing polish I have ever worn and I own polish from Gosh, loreal and maybelline.
Overall this is a really good nail polish if you are looking to expand your collection, without breaking the bank. It's well worth the money. There are a few hit and miss colours. If you are looking for the ultimate highest quality and the finest glitter, this may not be for you. But for a person like me - who want a lot of different colours to play with - this is just right. I will be expanding my collection soon.


  1. The dark glitter purple looks really blue, or is that just the camera??

  2. It's more purlpe than blue. But yes it does have a dark blue tint to it... I think it's a little less blue in real life but only just a little.

  3. I have to get innocent. I'm missing a good Nude. What am I saying. I have to get ALL the colors! Haha

  4. Haha I know how you feel... I love nude nail polish.. And innocent is really pretty... i have been wearing innocent with a layer of twinkle on top a lot recently and it's just so pretty. Did I mention that it's pretty? hehe

  5. I had some of these and gave them to my bf sister as I find they chip after a day or so, I prefer ones that you can wear for a few days if you dont get time to change it. But I agree for expanding your collections and for ones to match outfits for the day etc.

  6. Yeah I find that the darker polishes tend to chip a bit more. But I've been wearing innocent since tuesday now and up until yesterday it still looked allright. I think it depends on the colours you get. And I find that all the polishes last really long if you wear a glittery top coat.


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