Friday, May 20, 2011

Elf mineral lip gloss review

I've heard a lot of good things about the mineral lip glosses from elf, so ofcourse I had to try a few for myself.I got the colours Au naturale and Pageant princess.

Price: 25,35DKK here or 3£ here
Packaging: There seems to be a slight difference in the packaging of these two glosses. I bought them a couple of months apart so they  might have changed the packaging slightly. The Pageant princess is the newest one I have. It's a clear tube with a matte black cap with a doe foot applicator. You get 6,5 grams of product.

The gloss has no scent to it, I know that's important to some of you ( I kinda like scented glosses though.)The gloss is not as sticky as other elf glosses, it's smooth moisturizing on the lips.

Au naturale: Is a shimmery warm nude with a slight peachy tone to it. It's not my favorite as I like nudes to be less orange/peachy and more like my skintone. It's still very wearable I was just expecting another colour.

Pageant princess: Is a lovely pale pink with some golden shimmer to it. It tones down my natural lip colour just a bit, wich I like. It's probably the glossiest gloss I have from Elf, without being way too glossy. It's just right.

You really do get amazingly great quality and a good amount of product for the price. However I still like the glosses from the essential line better. I think it's because I actually like sticky sweet smelling gloss, so I do get bored with this gloss easily. The gloss looks so good on the lips and it's really moisturizing so I know I have to give them a chance. They are just not the first things on my wishlist. If you hate sticky and scented glosses this will be the perfect gloss for you.

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  1. Wonderful review! Can't wait til my next order! I'm definetly going to check these out! (:



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