Saturday, May 28, 2011

Elf mineral lipstick update (nicely nude, pouty petal)

My very first review was on the mineral lipstick in natural nymph and runway pink. Details about packaging, staying power and so on, can be found in my older review here.

I recently bought two more colours of the mineral lipstick from elf "nicely nude" and "pouty petal"

Pouty petal: Is almost the same colour as my lips, just a bit more rosy with a hint of very very subtle golden shimmer. It's like my own lips, just better. This feels a little more hydrating and soft than the other colours I own. To show you how similar the colour is to my lips I have left my top lip bare.

Nicely nude: Is not what I normally would consider a nude, but I guess nudes don't have to be skintone colours. This colour is also a bit close to my natural lip colour, it's just a bit more of a pale rosy pink. This has slightly more golden shimmer to it than pouty petal, but it's still very very subtle. These two colours are quite similar, just a slight difference in shimmer and nicely nude is not as sheer as pouty petal.

I actually had a hard time writing about these two lipsticks as they are very similar, but still different from eachother. I probably like "nice and natural" the best as this shows up more on my lips. I think these lipstick are great for everyday wear, when I just want something to even out the colour on my lips without looking like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. I would repurchase them both again if I ever ran out.

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