Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gosh X-ceptional wear foundation review

I always have a hard time finding the right foundation. When I finally get the shade right, it's either to drying on my skin or makes my face all cakey and wierd. I bought X-ceptional wear last month and have been using it daily ever since.

Gosh says: " Long lasting makeup with vitamin E is a soft and creamy makeup with exeptional covering. Gives the skin a matt and beautiful finish wich lasts for many hours. the formula is perfume-free."

Price: 99,95DKK here or 7,99£ here

The shade I have is nr. 11 Porcelain. It's just right for my skin, does not make me look too pale or yellow.

I apply it with a makeup sponge for the best results. It gives me a medium to full coverage. It's does not completely cover up my freckles, wich is good as I don't like to look like I'm wearing a big layer of makeup.It does a very good job with concealing any redness and it evens out my skintone perfectly. I have not had any problems with the makeup settling into my pores or fine lines. And if I use a powder on top it will stay put and last longer.

I would not say that this has a completely matte finish. On my skin it just gives a slightly matte finish with a healty glow to it, wich I prefer. If you have oily skin this may not be the foundation for you. I don't think it does anything when it comes to oil control, but that's usually not an issue for me. But I have had a few days with oily skin this month, I'm guessing it's because of the wether. I prefer oily skin to dry and flaky any day so I won't complain lol.
It has a decent lasting power, at the moment nothing will last all day on my face. But this lasts longer than my other foundations. I have not yet found my holy grail but I will stick with this foundation untill I do.

I will certainly be repurchasing, since it's the only foundation that works for me right now.  If you have sensitive skin that is sometimes dry and flaky with oily T-zone this could probably work for you too.


  1. I like the look of this foundation I will have to try it out.

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  3. Am I the only one whos noticed the shade changes in this foundation? i used to use porcelain but everytime i buy a new bottle now its super dark and orange? i dont know if i have a bad batch or something but its horrible i used to love this foundation :(


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