Thursday, May 19, 2011

Products I just don't like

I actually think I'm pretty good at shopping for beauty products, most time I end up really liking the things I buy. But sometimes I find myself really hating a product after a few uses. This post is about those products that just doesn't work for me. It's not necessarily bad products and you might like some of them, but for some reason they just don't do the job for me.

elf High Definition Powder:

I know a lot of you really likes this powder, and I wanted to like it so bad. It does give my skin a super nice finish when I first put it on. But after a few hours it just leaves my skin really really greasy. I don't have greasy skin at all, it's actually quite dry some times but this just turns my face in to a big oily mess.

Rocher Iridescent veil:
This is supposed to add a glow to your face and body, well it makes me look like a disco ball. I normally like shimmery products but this is just so over the top glittery and I really can't see myself using this at all.

elf Brightening Eye quad in Etheral:I know that a lot of people like the eye quads so I thought I would try one. This particular quad is just not for me, the shadows are not very pigmented and the colours look dull and they just wear off really fast. It might just be this quad as I have heard some good things about some of the others.

Graftobian Hi-Def glamour creme: I heard so many good things about this foundation so I was so excited to try it. Man was I dissapointed when I put it on. This settles in to every single pore and line in my skin, makes me patchy and cakey and gross. I have tried applying it with a sponge, a foundation brush, my hands, wet sponge, in sharp lightging, in natural lighting... every possible way I could think of and have tried all my primers and all my setting powders and sprays and this just does not work for me.

Considering how much stuff I have bought from elf it's amazing that there are not more products I do not like from them. There is probably more items in my makeup collection that I just don't like but I will leave them for later. Please comment if you have tried any of thesse products and let me know how you like them.


  1. I agree that the quad wear off, I love these quads I have a few of the darker ones and they are pretty pigmented but you definitely need a base, When I put these order Urban Decay primer potion they last my whole work day.

  2. If you try getting the e.l.f Cream eyeshadow duo in "butter pecan and use the the quad you have with it the eyeshadows with intensify and you will get all day wear out of it also use a primer before hand these work well together :) :)

  3. I always ude a primer. Thanks for the suggestions, but I have tried with a base, and it's still poor quality eyeshadow. The colour is dull and chalky to me. I know I am very picky when it comes to eyeshadows he he, but thank you so much for the advise.

  4. I hate the ELF HD powder too.. Becasue it's horrible with flash.

    I have that ethereal quad.. and I bought it for a sheer eyeshadow to layer on a matte all over the lid shade. It works quite well for that. But I also have butternut and drama... and they're waaayyy more pigmented xD

  5. I am glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the HD powder. Yeah I think Etheral might just not be my thing, but I'm going to try out some of the other quads. The day to night quad look quite nice.

  6. the day 2 night one is my current fav but i love brownstone too.


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