Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elf brightening eye color quad, day 2 night review

I tried the eye color quad in ethereal before and I sure did not like that one, but I thought that I should give the quads another try and bought the day 2 night quad.

Price: 12,68 DKK here or 1,50£ here

Packaging: Petite plastic compact with four eyeshadows, a sponge tip applicator and a tiny mirror. For such a low price I don't really care about the quality of the packaging, I just want eyeshadow. My only wish is, that they would make the eyeshadows in square pans. It's a bit difficult to get to the shadow in the corners of the pans. But again, for the price I would just buy a new one before bothering with getting the last bit of shadow out of the pan.

I must admit that I'm quite impressed with the colour in this quad. I didn't expect much from it because of my recent fail with the ethereal quad. This one is way better both in quality and colour selection. I have swatched them with a primer underneath.

I really love all the colours and they are great for the price. This quad has given me back the courage to try some of the other colours. Ofcourse they are not as good as my favorite eyeshadows from Urban Decay or Too Faced, but they are not bad at all. I do have to wear a primer underneath or else they will crease, but most shadows do crease on me. 

I would certainly repurchase this if I ever run out, and when my makeup ban is over I will probably buy them all. I'd like to do a post on all of the quads to see wich quads are good and wich quads are bad.


  1. yay, i love this one too. defo need a primer, i tend to keep these in my bag because if I loose then i wouldnt be that upset.

  2. I use a primer and a sticky base when I use the quads

  3. I love this quad, even tho i still would rather use them seprates then together, but great blog, Please follow id love it


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