Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elf Complete Coverage Concealer review

 Concealers can be a bit tricky for me, they are either too yellow or dark, they crease or they make my delicate eye skin look crepey and dry. I was hesitant to try a concealer from Elf, although I like most of their things I have always been picky about foundation and concealers, so I was not sure what to expect. I bought the light palette.

Price: 29,85 DKK here or 3,50£ here or 3$ here

Packaging: Nice sleek matte black palette with 4 concealers, a concealer brush and a mirror. As most studio packaging it seems sturdy and travel friendly. However this will take up more space in my makeup bag than my other wand or tube type concealers. you get 5,3 grams of product.

When I first opened the concealer palette I was quite dissapointed, all the colours seemed way too dark for me, but upon swatching them I found that they were not as dark on the skin as they looked in the palette.
you get 2 concealers with a pink undetone and 2 with a yellow undertone so you can mix and match to get the right shade for you. I can use the 2 first shades but the last 2 are too dark for me, even if I got a tan (highly unlikely as I just freckle and go red instead). I think it's great if you are unsure of wich colour would suit you, but I think they should make the same concealers in singles as well.

At first they seemed a little oily, little beeds of moisture had formed on the surface of the product, this is quite normal with creme concealers and creme foundation so I didn't worry about that. After a few uses they turn into a tackier and thicker consistency (not a bad thing though).

I really like how these apply to my eye area, they go on nice and creamy. After a few seonds it dries up a bit, not in a cakey or powdery way, the skin just absorb the excess moisture. I find this to be just right for my skin, it does not make my eye area look dry or cakey, it blends well and it is not too creamy and emollient, so I find this concealer to crease a lot less than my others. It's just the perfect mix between a really tacky thick concealer and a more liquid concealer. 

This does claim to be full coverage, however that is not the case. I think it gives me just the coverage I need but if you are looking for full coverage this is not it. 

I am actually really impressed with this concealer, it's the best concealer I own and certainly one of the better ones I have tried. I would love it if they came in singles as I feel it is a waste of product to have 2 shades I can't use. But I would still repurchase it.


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