Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elf hypershine lip gloss review

So I have been collecting these lip glosses over the last six months and finally thought I would do a review on them. I have: Bubblegum, fairy, joy, mauve and sugar plum.

Price: 1 $ here 1,50£ here and 12,68 DKK here.

Packaging: Twist up pens with brush applicator, clear and white plastic. There is noting really special about the packaging, but I do like how easy they are to throw in the bag and I like the nice brush.

As all the other lip products from the essential line, these glosses have a scent to them. Out of all the scents of the lip products this is my least favorite. It smells a bit synthetic and like burned sugar to me. But it's not so bad that I would not still use them. I like these glosses over lipstick or just to add a bit of moisture to my lips.


Sugar plum:

I love Bubblegum and Mauve so much and I have already repurchased these two a couple of times, I would not repurchase the others and certainly not sugar plum, it looks terrible on me. I am way too pale for that shade. It will probably be more suitable for medium skin tones. 

For the price these glosses are really nice, they are a bit sticky but I like that. I would certainly recommend anyone to try the mauve colour.

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