Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lush solid Jungle conditioner review.

I bought the solid Jungle conditioner as a part of a haul I did a little over a month ago. I have been using the conditioner for about a month now so I think I'm ready to give you my honest opinion on it.

Price: $ 5,59 or £ 2,75 here.

Packaging: None. However it does come wrapped, so it does not mess up the rest of your order if it melts or rubs off during transit.

I bought the solid conditioner after trying the solid shampoo called "new" I love that shampoo. So I thought that I would like the conditioner as well. I did my research before buying it, and learned that most regular conditioner leaves behind a film of silicone that makes your hair feel smooth and conditioned. Lush conditioner does not have that. So I knew from the start that it would feel different from regular conditioners.

Initially I did not like the smell of this conditioner, to me it smells very earthy and grassy and also has a slight hint of henna scent to it. I don't like strong earthy smells so I initially hated the scent of it. However I have gotten used to the scent and now it's rather pleasant, not my favorite but it's nice. The scent also lingers in my hair for days. I have never tried a product where the scent would stay in your hair until you washed it again.

I just can't seem to get used to the feeling of this conditioner, I miss that silky and smooth feeling I got from my regular conditioner. And it really bothers me every single time I use it. When I rinse it out it just does not leave my hair soft and easy to manage. My hair gets really tangled with this conditioner and I just can't get used to it at all.

I can't let my hair air dry when using this conditioner, it makes it curl and frizz like crazy, and it just feels dry and kinda heavy. The only way I can get it to work is if I blowdry my hair and add a bit og serum to it. And I don't want to do that every time I wash my hair.

So yeah, this conditioner may be very healthy for my hair, but the things I have to do to make it look good afterwards are not, and I can't see the point of using a conditioner without silicone if I'm just going to use silicone based serum in my hair afterwards. So this product is not right for me.

However I will say that over time it has improved my hair a bit, So I know that it's doing a good job at conditioning my hair, I just can't get used to not having the silky feel of a regular conditioner.

The way I use it is to melt a bit of it in some hot water and stir it until it gets a little thick, and then I use it as a liquid conditioner. I just found it too difficult to work with in bar form.

So yeah... Mixed feelings about this, it's certainly not a bad product, and it does condition the hair. I just can't seem to get used to it and I need something that detangles my hair a bit better. So will I repurchase? Who knows... But for now I will use it up and hurry out and buy the thickes most moisturizing conditioner I can find.

Have you tried it? what do you think of it?

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  1. I personaly love it and am onto my second bar! Its doing wonders to my hair, my hairs naturaly very thick and wild, but with this conditioner and NEW my hair is straght, easy to manage and doesnt tangle. I never used normal condioners as i found them to take forever to dry with with, but with this blow drying and air drying takes no time at all and stays amasing, coudnt live without it =]


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