Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wet n Wild color icon, Comfort Zone review.

I have never really been interested in Wet n Wild cosmetics before, always thought that the makeup stand in my local mall looked really boring and that it had to be too cheap to be any good. But after I've seen other bloggers and youtubers rave about it I decided to get it. I had to buy on Ebay as Denmark doesn't carry the full Wet n Wild range, just the stuff nobody ever raves about lol.

I got the "comfort zone palette" there is also a palette with purples and one with blues.

Price: I believe it's around 5$ in the US I had to pay 10$ on Ebay.

Packaging: Seems sturdy enough, but a real pain to open. After breaking a nail trying toget some of the stickers off I broke yet another trying to open the palette. It's still a bit of a pain to open. It comes with a little foam applicator, the kind you just throw away.

I was sooo excited to try these out, and my first impression was, that these shadows really looked good in the palette. My excitement quickly faded as I swatched these shadows. The colours were not as I expected and the quality of the shadows did not live of to my expectations. I guess I had some pretty high expectations after watching review after review.

I decided to not be such an eyeshadow snob and give this palette a try. If I did not like after using it every day for a week then at least I could say I tried.

So what do I think of the palette now? I absolutely love it. I love most of the colours and I found them quite easy to work with once I got the hang of it. They stay on all day when worn over a primer and I have really come to love some of the darker colours. The shadows are quite pigmented but not as vibrant  as higher quality shadows. They are all shimmery/satiny, some have a little glitter in them but not big chunky glitter that get's everywhere. 

I think I bought this expecting Urban Decay or Too faced quality, as some bloggers mentioned that some of the shades were dupes for mac shadows. They certainly are not of that high a quality but still very nice for the price. I definately will be running to my nearest Wet n Wild stand as soon as my makeup ban is over. I'd like to see what else Wet n Wild have to offer.  

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  1. That's a nice look. Interested about these palettes myself.


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