Friday, July 29, 2011

10 beautiful ways to use olive oil.

Olive oil is not only good on salads, it can be used in so many ways. Today I will share my 10 favorite ways to use olive oil. I love versatile products and it's so budget friendly. So here they are in no particular order:

1. Cleaning your brushes:
Olive oil is great for cleaning out dirt and makeup from your makeup brushes. I find it hard to get foundation and such completely out of my brushes but with olive oil it's just so much easier. I like to use a bit of regular shampoo after I've cleansed with olive oil.

2. Makeup remover:
Although I'm not a fan of the feeling of oil on my face, this is just a really good makeup remover. It really removes everything with ease, it's quick easy and cheap and if you rinse with a bit of warm water and some skin tonic/toner afterwards you really won't feel greasy or oily. Don't be afraid to use it on your face, it does not clog the pores as the particles in olive oil are too large to clog the pores. And my lashes really likes the oil as well. (please dont get it in your eyes it will give you a blurry vision for a few minutes)

3. Hair treatment:
I like to use this when my hair is really dry and I'm all out of moisturising masks. I put the olive oil in damp hair, put a plastic bag or some cling film around it and a towel on top to lock the heat and moisture in, and just let it sit for 20 minutes then wash it out. I don't put it directly on to my scalp btw.

4. Nail soak:
I heat up a little bowl of olive oil (not too hot!) and soak my fingers in it for a few minutes, it softens my cuticles and makes my nails less brittle. Love it!

5. Dry elbows and knees:
I dab on a bit of olive oil on my dry rough spots like my elbows and such. It really softens up the skin. Don't slab it on or you will feel very greasy, just massage a bit into the skin.

6. exfoliation for dry skin:
Mix some olive oil and some sugar together and use it as a sugar scrub. I like to use it on my lips, my very very dry legs and elbows. It works really well.

7. Shaving:
rub it on your skin before shaving to get nice smooth skin and avoid bumbs and cuts.

8. softening your feet:
rub the oil on your feet and put on some socks and leave it overnight. You will have super soft feet in the morning.

9. removing wax strip residue:
I wax my legs sometimes, and I'm always left with some residue on my legs. The olive oil removes the sticky wax easily and it also softens the skin.

10. Glow from within:
I like to make myself a nice tomato salad and drizzle some olive oil on it. Even if you are trying to stay fit or loose weight you still need some fat in your diet. Without fat your skin will dry out. So a bit of olive oil in your diet is not a bad thing for your skin.

How do you like to use olive oil?


  1. I love using it for a nail soak! I love Almond oil for my body and face when i'm feeling really dry :)

  2. My goodness I had not idea that olive oil had so many great uses! I'm going to go grab my bottle now and try out some of these! Cheers :)

  3. I absolutly loved this post, great tips ^^

  4. Oh and I use olive oil to replace every other fatty oil (butter, oils, lards, greases) when cooking since it has good fats rather than mono-saturated health hazzards like lard xD
    I use olive oil on almost everything, it's common in my country's culture.

  5. @Katie yeah almond oil is really nice as well.
    @21st... Did you try some of the tips? how did you like them?
    @Raven yup olive oil is way healtier than mono-saturated fats and it tastes better too :)

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments :)


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