Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Copenhagen Haul!

I'm finally back from my trip to copenhagen. We had a blast going shopping, going to Tivoli, visiting museums, and taking a guided boat trip in Nyhavn. Oh yeah and we went to the movies to see "bad teacher" Such a funny movie.

Here's pretty much everything I got.

As you can see I tried not to go overboard with cosmetics. I got a MAC eyeshadow in "Jest" a bodyshop eyeshadow palette, Bodyshop duo body butter, Bodyshop blotting papers, Bodyshop strawberry lip balm, Bodyshop mascara (one is for the giveaway currently running) Bought a few items in H&M whilst shopping for clothes, and I got quite a few samples from the lovely ladies at bodyshop. Can't wait to try things out. I will probably do reviews on some of these items so please let me know what you want me to review for you.

I got these shoes as well. My feet were hurting from all the walking around, so I needed something comfy to wear. I', really glad I bought these, The red ones are just too cute!

So yeah that's all from now. I'm still trying to get around to unpacking the last bags. Tomorrow it's back to work and I've been baking cookies all afternoon for my lovely coworkers.

Tonight I will probably try and see if I can get around to pressing some pigments, I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a couple of months so I need to start organizing everything a little better.

Have a lovely (feels like sunday) Wednesday.



  1. Very nice pictures, I love the way you do your make up. You are such a pretty girl, I just love to read your blog.

  2. Those red shoes really are adorable :) xxx

  3. Oh my goodness those red flats are adorble!!


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