Sunday, July 3, 2011

Elf 141 pc master makeup collection review

I did not really expect much from this makeup collection, I thought it would be like the ones I played with as a child. But I was curious to see how it was, so when elf did the whole 50% off I decided it was time to try it.

Price: 295,75 DKK here or 35£ here

Packaging: Surprisingly handy! It's got that whole sleek matte black thing going on, like so many of the studio products do. It seems sturdy, it's easy to open and it looks amazingly stylish. I actually thought it would be more bulky but it's not bad at all. Quite a nice size considering how many products it holds. Plus the mirror is really nice. It comes with a black liner pencil, a no good blush brush and a dual ended eyeshadow brush/apllicator.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the eyeshadows in this collection. Not too many shades with the chunky glitter I have come to hate from some of elf's shadows. Very nice textures and I think I only found 2-3 colours with bad colour payof.  I'm not very easy to please, I'm quite picky when it comes to quality, texture and colour. I hate it when eyeshadows are loaded with chunky glitter and I'm very pale so a lot of colours tend to be too warm toned for me, and beige colours tend to look yellow on me. I hit the jackpot with these shadows! There are not many shades in this kit that I wouldn't wear and the quality is amazing for a cheap brand like this ( cheap in a good way). It's still not Urban Decay or Too Faced quality but it's way better than a lot of more expensive things I have tried.

The kit also comes with blushes and bronzers:

The concealers are very sheer, so sheer that they do not even show up, so I won't be using those. There is also 4 shimmer creams that I have yet to try out. I have only tried a few of the lip colours and some are a little dry and hard to apply, some are really creamy and nice. I really like the blushes and the highlighter colour next to the bronzers.

The eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers are quite powdery, so you will have to be careful when digging your brush into it. It still applies very well and does not look powdery on my face at all. This kit works well for my pale skin except for the bronzers, but I think they could be used as eyeshadow. I also think it would be nice for medium skintones but I don't see the blushes and bronzers working on darker skin, they are too pale and would probably look ashy.

I think these are some of the best eyeshadows elf has to offer! I love love love this kit and would certainly recommend it if you like elf eyeshadows and blushes. Would I repurchase? hmm I'm not seeing this palette being used up any time soon. But I would certainly want to repurchase if I lost it or it broke. I'm not sure how travel friendly this is, sure it may fit into a bigger bag, but the powders are really soft and I would be afraid of them breaking. But this is the coolest Elf item EVER!


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