Saturday, July 16, 2011

Elf under eye concealer & highlighter review

I have had this for quite a while now, but for some reason I never thought about doing a review on it. Maybe it's because concealer isn't something I really go crazy for. I do use a bit of concealer on my eye area every day just to even out the skin tone a bit, but luckily I do not have dark under eye circles. So I'm perfectly happy with any concealer as long as they match my skin tone, brightens up the eye a bit and does not crease too much.

Price: 29,58DKK here and 3,50£ here.

Packaging: Double ended concealer wand with sponge tip applicators. The packaging has a rubbery feel to it and is both sleek and sturdy.

I really love this concealer. It does not have any scent to it and it does not sting my eyes. It feels very moisturizing and refreshing. It blends really well and it does a great job at brightening up my eye area. This is not in any way a full coverage concealer. I would say it's about medium coverage. It does however completely cover all imperfections around my eyes and the higlighter side is great for brightening the eye area even further if needed.

This will not cover freckles or blemishes but I don't think it's meant to.

I do have to set it with a bit of powder or it will crease. I find that all concealers do crease but some are worse than others. This is not that bad when it comes to creasing, it depends on how well you blend the product into the skin and wheter you set it with a powder or not.

At first I did not know what to do with the highlighter end. I thought highlighters contained shimmer so I did not want to use it on my eyes. When I finally got around to trying it I was pleasantly surprised that it does not contain any shimmer/glitter. I use the highlighter on my brow bone and where ever I feel like I need some brightness.

I would recommend this if you don't feel like you need a heavy coverage but would like to go for a more natural bright eyed look.

I will certainly be repurchasing this.



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  1. I love ELF so much :) thanks for the review! xxx


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