Sunday, July 24, 2011

Package from KKCenter HK!

I recieved a package yesterday from KKCenterHK
The owner of the store let me choose a product to try out and I chose a cute little eyeshadow and blush palette I will be reviewing later today. This is just a little review of the site.

This online shop is like a little slice of heaven for me. I love exploring new brands and I can honestly say that this site is full of different brands that I have never tried before. They have all the false lashes you could dream of, a tonne of pre-designed glue on nails and a lot of nail art stuff like different coloured uv gels and cute nail stickers. They also have coloured clip in extensions, a lot of makeup and so much more. Some of their makeup palettes look like the ones you can get from coastal scents but they have more different palettes to choose from than coastal scents.

Prices are ok, they range from about 1$ to 70$ so there is something for everyones wallet.

Shipping from Hongkong to Denmark took about 10 days, so that's not bad at all. I have tried waiting 40 days on items from other sellers.

Never before have I seen such carefully wrapped items. My little palette was wrapped in layers upon layers of bubble wrap, and ofcourse it arrived without a scratch. Some people may find all that bubble wrap a little wasteful and I don't think they actuallt need as much as they use. but it's not a problem for me, as I plan on re-using it.

Here are just a few thing from the store:

Lashes: 1,98 USD
Eyeshadow palette: 11,97 USD
Nails: 2,40 USD
instant nailpolish stickers: 5,20 USD

Shipping fees vary depending on how much you buy, I do think shipping can be a little pricy if you want to buy a whole bunch of palettes but I think it's worth it. I would rather pay a little extra shipping costs and getting my things from a great seller that I trust and that I know will wrap things up nicely.

So I will be buying some things from KKCenter HK very soon, I can't wait to order some stuff, but there is just soo much to choose from!



  1. Thanks a lot for your review, I will definately go check out the website right away!

  2. PS. The link doesn't work :-)

  3. I'm a little concerned - when I googled the company, it said that the website might hurt my computer, and when I typed in the adress to go directly to the page, the same message showed up.. Did you have any problems with your computer or anything afterwards?

  4. I have not bought anything from them yet. This was sent to me for review purpose. I have not gotten any of these messages. I will however check that out right away! thanks for letting me know

  5. Yeah okay, I just thought that you might have visited the website :-) It only says "Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days", but when it is websites that I've never heard about before, I don't feel completely safe when getting a message like that! :-) But thanks for checking it out!

  6. I have visited the site 6-7 times without problems. I trust the site and I have seen a lot of reviews of the site on youtube but I'm glad you told me, it's something I will look into before buying.

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