Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A face of makeup for under 20 $ Ebay edition!

Hey guys. So I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now. The idea behind this is, to find a website and buy all the makeup I would need for a full face of makeup and then create a look and review the products. The catch is I can only spend 20$ So I decided to start with ebay. 

The products I am wearing for this look are:

Shills, Miss perfect pores Primer 3,85$ :
I actually quite like this primer, I'm not sure if it actually makes my makeup stay on longer or not but it does make it look nicer and minimizes the appearance of my pores. This is supposed to give you a matte look, it doesn't. I would say that it could be used for all skin types but the product itself does not control oils so I guess it depends on what other face products you combine it with. Would recommend it.

Lipstick 1,99$:
I think this is a Helena Rubinstein knock off? I did not know that it would be a fake anything when I bought it. I thought I was buying a no name product, but the packaging has the HR logo on it. Certainly not the real thing but quite good. I love the colour of this milky pink matte lipstick. I would prefer to use it with a bit of balm or gloss as it's VERY opaque. I also used this for my cheeks as I find lipstick to be the best cream blush ever. Would recommend this.

Cosmetics golden, 12 colour eyeshadow #04 3,50$:
The colours look absolutely amazing...In the palette... I made the mistake of using my finger to swatch these and nothing showed up on my skin. However you will be fine if you use an eyeshadow brush to pack on the shadow. I actually quite like these. The quality is not the best, but not that bad for the price. I think it's probably as good as elf eyeshadows but I think i like the texture of these a bit more. I'm a little "confuzzled" about them at the moment. Try them if you feel like it. But you are not missing out on anything really. 

Dodo Palgantong BB cream & concealer 3,11$:
The BB cream is a little too sheer, but it can be built to a medium coverage. This is NOT for oily skin. I have never tried anything so dewy in my entire life. I think this may be just right for me when winter comes and my skin turns really really dry, but for summer this is not the way to go. My skin got really greasy after just a few hours. I guess this also depends what you use under and over it. I don't really know where the concealer is? I got a jar of face powder with the BB cream. The powder actually seems really nice. i will have to test it with some other foundation tho before I can gice my verdict on it. I would recommend this to people with very dry skin as it really does look good on the skin, very flawless just quite dewy.

Volume express X15 mascara 2,65$:
This looks huge! it's a rubber brush wich I really like. It does clump a bit, I'm hoping it will stop after a few uses as I think it's because there is too much product on the wand. I actually lengthens really well, and ads a nice bit of volume. I really do like how this applies to the lashes.However as it dries, something happens to the tips of my lashes making the curl a bit (but not the good kin of curl). This is no way near my favorite mascara but it's far from the worst I have tried. I think it's very good for the price, but that's not really saying a lot. Think I will need to use it a little more to figure out if I like it or not.

Wow I actually only spent 15,1$! I think that's pretty good. I did not find that holy grail product among these things, but nothing was so horrible that I would not use it again. Ofcouse you get what you pay for, and there are other equally cheap/cheaper products out there, but I had fun trying these things out and I'm actually surprised that I did not find any of the products to be horrible.

Have you tried any of these products?


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