Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hard Candy Moon Glow powder review

I got this in my recent Hard Candy haul, I wanted a face powder with a hint of glow to it, so I thought this was worth trying out.

Price: 11$ from the lovely ebay seller el-potatoe.

Packaging: Super cute packaging as with all Hard Candy packaging. I love that you get a mirror and a cute heart shaped sponge in the compact. It seems like a sturdy compact and therefore good to travel with. However it is a bit bulky, but not too much.
Ok I really have a love/hate relationship with this powder. I love the texture of it, how long it lasts how it does not look patchy or cakey and the cute cute packaging it comes in. BUT what completely ruins it for me is all the glitter. I knew this would not be a matte powder but I was expecting a pearly kind of glow not straight up glitter! Ok so the glitter particles seem to be very finely milled but still, it's waaay too much for a face powder.

This could be used as a glittery highlighter or a glittery body powder. Don't get me wrong the powder is of great quality and it's very pretty, but I look like a golden disco ball if I try to wear it as a setting powder.

So I guess the reason why I'm not too happy about this product is, because I was expecting something completely different. If you are looking for a nice golden shimmery powder to use as a highlight then go ahead. If you are looking for that dewey finishing powder then keep on walking.

So I will try and use this as a highlighter and when it's done I won't be repurchasing. This powder would have been perfect without the glitter bits. I'm thinking about trying their matte powder, hoping it will be somewhat the same just without the sparkly fireworks and disco balls coming out of my face.

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