Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Alpha frozen eye jelly review

When I came across this strange little product on the KKCenterHK website I just had to try it out. I don't own anything similar to this, so I gave it a shot.

I bought the shade 03 - rose pink.

Price: 3,30$

Packaging:  I have to admit that the packaging also drew me a bit to this product. I was surprised to see that the packaging is actually even cuter in real life. It's a clear plastic container with a cute decorative silver lid with inscriptions on the side. It seems sturdy and will look good on any makeup table.

This is a shimmery glitter gel with super fine glitters. It goes on sheer but with tonnes of baby pink sparkle. Some of you may know how much I hate glitter, so I have no clue why I thought I needed to buy this.
But I'm really glad I did. The problem with most glittery eyeshadows is that the glitter won't stay in place and ends up all over my face. Not this jelly. It goes on wet with a nice cooling feel to it and dries up once applied. Once it's dry it's not going to budge, it won't flake or crease.

I tried this over my eyeshadow to see if it would interfere with the shadow. It glides on nicely on top of the eyeshadow without blurring or smudging the colour underneath. And I find that it helps the eyeshadow stay put longer. So I'm quite impressed with that.

I also thought I would try it on my lips. I blended it with some gloss and it worked really well, the glitter is super fine and I could not feel it on my lips at all. So this is nice if you want to add some sparkle to you gloss or balm.

I also used a small liner brush to greate a shimmery liner. It works quite well that way too. However, this is a very sheer product so don't expect "in your face" glitter liner.

I only have one negative thing to say about this product. It smells horrible! I hate to say it, but it smells like one of those alleys where all the drunks stop to pee... yeah, not nice. The smell does go away quickly but it still feels a little strange to put something with that smell on the face.

I think it's an awesome product for the price and I think I may look into some bolder colours in the future. Hopefully they will have changed the scent by then. If you could live with the strange scent, then I would totally recommend this product.


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