Monday, August 15, 2011

NYX Champagne & Caviar palette review.

I have been wanting this palette for so long now. Ever since the wonderful OPI Junkie posted about it on her blog. I have no idea why I haven't gotten around to buying it before now. But man am I glad I did...

Price: I bought mine from the lovely El-potatoe for about 16$ but you can get them at Cherryculture for about 8$ but I would have had to pay 11$ for shipping from cherry culture. So I think I got a great deal on it.

Packaging: Nice sleek, black palette. I love how it just fits right in my makeup bag or my purse. It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be without getting less products (if that makes sense). And you get a really good sized mirror as well.

I am super impressed with these eyeshadows. They are soft, blendable and pigmented. The quality reminds me of Too Faced eyeshadow, it even has the same scent to it as Too Faced does. I actually like the texture of these shadows better than Too Faced, but Too Faced shadows are more pigmented (only a tiny bit tho).

So I think this is the best quality eyeshaodw for the price, that I have ever tried. It's simply amazing!

I'm really into neutrals so I just love the colours in this palette, however I do think some of the colours in this palette are pretty similar. You get both satin and matte shades, no glitter... YAY! However I think this palette could have used a pale beige colour and maybe one more deep shade. So I think they could have done better when it comes to variety but overall the quality is amazing.

I find that these lasts quite well with a good primer. They do fade on me a tiny bit without primer, but they don't crease as much as other affordable eyeshadows. 

I am so so so pleased with this palette, and I can see myself using this every single day. Actually I have used it every single day since I got it. I would definately recommend it and I will be looking into some more NYX items very soon.
These are swatched without the use of a base or a primer, just bare skin! My camera makes them look a little more cool toned than they actually are.



  1. Good review glad you liked mine, I love this palette too although I have been negleting mine for more dramatic shadows this month.

  2. @ OPI.. I really love this for those days I'm in a hurry and want something "safe" but pretty. I'm so glad you reviewed it, or I would not have known about it.


  3. Lovely review :-) Okay, now I really want it.. But still, I have to be reasonable and consider it for a long time before purchasing ;-)

  4. Resonable? Consider? I do not know such words ;) lol Spøg til side... I think this is an awesome everyday palette so it's certainly worth it if it's the kind of shades you see yourself using a lot. If you know you get bored with very super neutral colours then maybe go for a palette with both neutrals and a bit of colour.

  5. i have this palette too and find it very useful!


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