Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pixi Wakeup palette.

As some of you may already know, I love love love palettes. I don't know what it is about them but I just looove exploring new palettes and playing with them. I got this off Ebay a while back and for some reason just never got around to reviewing it.

I got this for around 18$ off ebay and paid 9$ in shipping so I think it was quite a steal.

Packaging: I'm not really too keen on the packaging, mostly because it's just not my style, I dont't like green and I'm not that into cardboard palettes. I do like the layout of this palette and I love the big mirror it has. The cardboard is a little on the soft side so my palette already look quite used as I have been traveling with it (I won't do that again). The moisture from some of the products has soaked into the cardboard, wich doesn't really matter much bit it just looks a little gross, like it's wet or have grease stains. It does not come with any liners or brushes wich would have been nice, seriously I have no idea why that even matters to me as I normally tend to loose the brushes anyways, but for some reason it matters in this case. It would have at least been nice if there was room for a few of my own brushes.So overall not crazy about the packaging but oh well.
You get 2 eye primers/concealers, 18 eye shadows 2 cheek powder duos and 8 lip glosses.

I really like the cheek powders, the texture is nice, they are not overly shimmery but not matte either and the colours are really pretty. The dark brown one (looks a little too red in the picture)  can be used for contouring and the two light shades are great highlighters, the pink blush is just beautiful with a little golden sheen to it.
I'm also quite impressed with the lip glosses. Normally I never even bother with using these kind of glosses you get in palettes but these are so soft and moisturizing. They feel like tinted lip balm and they are actually super long wearing. Another great thing about these glosses is that they make my lips appear quite full. They are not plumpers and they do not sting or burn your lips, the formula just makes them appear fuller. Love these glosses to bits.

I don't really care for the primers in this palette. They do make the shadows more vibrant but they do not stop them from creasing on me, and I would not use them as concealers, they would settle into the lines under my eyes.

I actually thought I would like these eyeshadows more than I do. The quality is fine, they blend well and they feel good on the skin. I love beige and nude eyeshadow so why would I not absolutely fall head over heels in love with this palette?  Well I think it's because the shades although pretty and just the kinds I like, are too similar to eachother. Also there is no matte colours. I like my palettes to inspire me when I use them. Making me think about the different looks I could do. this just does not really inspire me. I think the colours could have been placed differently, maybe in groups of four shades you could use together or just placed with the light colours first and the dark last. I feel that they are just randomly thrown in there.

Man it can be hard to please me I know. The quality is great, the colours suit me very well and I can't really complain about not being able to use any of them. Still I'm not completely satisfied. Don't get me wrong I use this palette a lot and I think it's super for the price and I would recommend it if you are looking for nice neutrals, it would just have been better if it was more travel friendly and had some matte shades in there as well, along with maybe a black and a white. 

So what do you guys think of this palette?
Please let me know if you would like to see swatches.


  1. This was my first palette I owned awhile back. I really liked it but didn't love it. Used it often but ended up throwing it away since a lot of the shadows and the blushes broke =(

  2. Hi, I just had to comment because when I saw that you'd posted about this, I gasped with delight!
    This is product which gets me excited, look how pretty it is?!
    I may just have to give in and get one too.
    Great review! How are you getting on with it?
    Sorry I've not posted as much, I've had a really hard week at work and now have started doing extra freelance stuff too which is driving me nuts. But promise I've got some better/hopefully interesting posts coming up.
    Amy x

  3. @Miranda oh that's too bad, it does not seem to be the sturdiest of palettes.

    @Thrifty Girl. I was lucky to get it on ebay so cheap, you may want to look for it there. I don't reach for it as much as I would like, but I'm currently trying new things all the time, and it's packed away because I'm moving soon. Once I get settled I will put it on my makeup table so I can reach for it more often. Really like the blushes and the glosses. I prefer using the shadows with some matte ones I have. I don't wear the shadows in this palette by themself as they are all satiny/shimmery.



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