Saturday, August 20, 2011

Redhead by accident!

So today has been a rollercoaster of emotion for me... I did not know I cared that much about my hair before my hair dresser accidently made it go green and crunhy. I have had black hair for quite a while now and wanted to go back to my natural hair colour. I knew this was an impossible task, so I was fine with just getting some of the black out and let time do it's job. So my hair dresser told me that I could get it to a nice brown, no problem... she just had to bleach it a bit. At first we did try to pull out some of the colour without bleaching, no results. Then she started bleaching and whoopsie! My hair turned green and crunchy... She gave me 2 options, she could either cut ALL my hair off or she could try a colour over the greeen, but she said that it would probably still look green after that. Unfortunately she was about to close for the weekend so I was told to come back next saturday to try and save the hair.

I cried all the way home with frizzy green hair flying all over the place. Maan that was the longest walk home ever! I decided that my hair was not to be cut off so I would have to try my best to nurture it and get that green to disapear. I bought a coloured conditioner from my hairdresser and went to work on my mossy brassy hair. It actually turned out really well. So now I'm a redhead, and I actually think it suits me quite well.

My hair is still ruined and the colour is very uneven but hey, it's better than green hair. So I'm actually quite happy that I don't have to live with green hair or have to do a "Britney".

excuse the red lips in the first pic, I was busy trying on different colours to see what would suit my new hair. I still really really want to get back to my natural hair colour, but I guess I will have to wait. This colour conditioner only lasts for about 3 washes before you have to reapply, so maybe I should just use that until the ruined hair has been trimmed away and then see what happens. It is actually more intense wine red in real life, the camera kinda makes it look darker and more brownish red.

So I'm somewhat happy again. I only wish that my hair dresser would have asked me about what I have been colouring my hair with before she started bleaching.



  1. The red looks lovely on you :) I can't say I'm not a litte dissapointed that you didn't show your green hair though :p

  2. LoL I actually did take pictures but they came out blurry and the green did not show up that well but trust me I looked like a swamp monster.

  3. Hehe, darn :( Swamp monster or not the red really does suit you- you should've done it sooner! Hope your hair recovers from its bleaching

  4. Oh no! I don't know what I would do if that happened. but this shade looks great on you and I love the red lips in the first picture...I wish I had the courage to wear bold red lips like that!

  5. Aaw thanks guys. Nice to know that it suits me. I realy really wanted my natural hair back, but I guess I will have to wait. :)


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