Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Urban Decay 15th anniversay palette review

 YAY so I finally got this in the mail. I was so excited to open it and try the shadows on. This will just be a quick show and tell seeing as there are probably hundreds of reviews of this palette already.

The packaging looks really pretty. It's a beautiful gunmetal grey shiny  box with ornaments on the sides. It comes in a burgundy/purple velvet box "thingy" It just looks really luxe! However this collects fingerprints like there is no tomorrow. And I do find the whole box to be a little annoying. It's pretty but not that handy. Right now I don't have a proper makeup table so I fear that this will not be reched for as often as it would if I had some place nice to put it. It's just not that convenient, but let's face it, that's not why I bought it ;)

I'm mostly into nude shades so I wasn't really sure how I would like this palette. But I actually find 10 out of the 15 shadows to be very wearabke for every day use. I feel like I get 10 super unique nudes that I can certainly work with, and then 5 stunning bold colours that I can play with. So I am quite positive that I can get some good use out of this palette. I think the colours are very well coordinated.
Here is a quick look at the piece of cardbox that shows the different shades and names.

These shadows are true to Urban Decay quality and pigmentation however I do find some of them to be a little powdery at first, I feel that this has gotten better once they have been swatched and used a few times. Upon swatching the black shade called Blackout I found myself a bit dissapointed, it just seems a bit chalky. However I do think all these shadows apply really well when using my brushes. I Know that "tainted" has gotten some negative reviews, I have to disagree with those reviews. I totally love the pretty lavender with the golden sheen! I do think that the darker shades are better than the lighter shades but overall I'm still impressed with the pigmentation and texture of these shadows. They are all pretty shimmery/metallic except from "blackout" I think a few more mattes would have been nice but still love these colours. They are unlike any other eyeshadow I own.  (click image to enlarge).

So this is not the perfect palette, the shadows are perfect but the packaging - however pretty - is not the easiest to work with. I would certainly recommend this palette. It is a bit more pricy than what I would normally spend ( I think it's 55$ on urban decays website, I paid about 80$ wich was the cheapest I could find that shipped to Denmark) But if you do the math, you are getting 15 full size eyeshadows for 55$ instead of the 15-17$ one full UD eyeshadow retails for.

What are your thoughts on this palette? already got it? going to get it? let me know.



  1. I really like it and purposefully didn't buy the Naked palette because it just didn't excite me. When I saw this one coming out I knew that I'd buy it. A bit pricey but its only £7 more expensive than the current price of the Naked palette in the UK. I haven't yet dabbled in any of these shades as I haven't been anywhere special and I won't be using these for everyday looks at the moment because they're too special but I might change my mind on that. I do like it, just wish it was a bit more less expensive and although packaging is very pretty I feel the size of it could be smaller or more compact. The next popular one to buy is the upcoming Book of Shadows but I'm not buying it. One palette is enough for me as I have other small palettes to use up. Hope you like it and use it often.

  2. I did not buy the naked palette either, mostly because it looked like a lot of warm toned bronzy shades. I prefer cool toned shades, and bronze and copper just does not suit me very well So I didn't bother picking it up. I don't want to wait for a special occasion to use it, I like having a bit og luxury every day and I know I will never get around to using it if I wait for a special occasion ( they don't really come that often for me) I agree with you on the packaging.


  3. Hi,
    Wow another amazing set of shadows! Your makeup collection must be a wonderland :)
    I have Urban Decay on today from the NYC box of shadows collection.
    I think I used Maui Wowie and Smog :)
    I really will have to get this! The only thing I find is when buying the shadow collections you double up on a lot of the colours which is ok if you like them the best but too much if you don't.


  4. Thanks, I do think I got a pretty good eyeshadow collection going on hehe. Well I think this palette is woth it, its 15 all new shadows. Some may look a bit similar to other urban decay shadows but they are not the same. So I like that about this palette.



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