Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yanqina mascara from KKCenterHK

I was sent this mascara to review from the lovely store KKCenterHK, I was really excited to try it out as I have never tried a 2 step mascara like this before. I have tried double ended mascaras but I had never tried anything like this. I know a few brands out there have been making their own variation of this kind of mascara and I have been wanting one for a while now.

Price: 19,80$ wich to me is quite a lot for a brand I don't know, but it's actually quite normal in Denmark for a mascara to cost around 20$ .

Packaging: Classic mascara tube, but with two caps that twists open instead of one. It's like getting 2 mascara wands in 1. The wand in step 1 seems a little more flimsy and skinny than step 2. the wand is a traditional type of wand, no rubber or combs here. You get 11ml or 0,4fl. oz. wich is roughly about 3 ml more than a regular mascara So far I have no complaints about the packaging it seems to be sturdy and work well.

It's quite a smart little invention. Step one combs through your lashes to seperate them and adds a small amount of mascara, step 2 lets you build up the mascara nicely. I have a bad habit of overapplying mascara because I'm trying to comb them out with the same wand. I love step 1 for combing out my lashes. It's not the most volumizing mascara I have tried but it certainly keeps your lashes seperated and clump free. I also think it lengthens a bit.

The formula is quite good too. I like that it does not make my lashes stiff or dry, they still feel nice and soft. It feels light and does not weigh down my lashes.

It claims it won't smudge or flake and that it's water resistant yet easy to remove.I have not been using it long enough to really tell how well it stays on, but I have had no problems with flaking or smudging. I find it just as easy to remove as any other mascara that isn't waterproof. It does seem to be water resistant and I think it will be cry proof ( haven't really cried, but tried with some warm water and it did not budge)

I would say that this is a great mascara to have. I'm really finding the 2 steps quite useful and I'm quite pleased with the quality. The only thing that would probably stop me from repurchasing is the price. I'm always looking for the best mascara at the best price, and while this definately makes my top 10, I still feel that there may be some cheaper alternatives I have yet to discover. 

What is your thoughts of 2 step mascaras like this? have you tried the Yanqina mascara?



  1. hey! found this while loooking for reviews on the mascara ;) cause I saw it on here: http://www.bornprettystore.com/magic-black-mascara-eyelash-brush-black-makeup-p-1854.html. its way cheaper there and i want to try it. I've tried their landbis eyeliner and kkhcentre has it too but way cheaper once again. ;)

  2. I've received it just now. But it's all crumpy/dried out even though it hasn't been opened. T T. What should I do? T T

    1. Sorry for the late reply. You should contact the seller, maybe take a Picture of the product. I hope you get a new one or your Money back.,


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