Friday, September 2, 2011

August favorites

 It's been a hectic month, with work and moving and everything. I'm almost done packing all my stuff and I'm pretty much ready to move. I have not been playing that much with makeup and haven't really done a lot of reviews lately because everything is packed away in boxes. I know that it will get even more hectic in the next couple of weeks, so I am trying to write some reviews and posts ahead of time so I have something for you guys to read while I'm busy moving and IKEA-hauling.

I'm hoping that everything will get back to normal once I'm settled in the new appartment. Anyways, here is a look at my favorites for august..

NYX champagne and caviar palette: I have been using this a lot this month (august). It travels really well, and it's got everything I need for a natural day look. I find that I reach for this palette every time I'm running a little late and need a simple and fast yet pretty look.

Urban Decay 15th anniversay palette: I wish I would have used it more. This certainly deserves a spot in my monthly favorites even though I have not reached for it as much as I would have liked to. Mainly because it's been packed away for a week or two, and I have no makeup table to put it on and it's not the kind of palette that you can just throw in the handbag. I do love these colours and I can't wait to get my pretty vanity table so I can put this on "display" and hopefully that will make me reach for it more.

Too Faced look of love kit: I know I have only had this for about a week but I am absolutely in love with this kit. I will be doing a review of it very soon. The makeup bag is super cute and the products are awesome. It's super for traveling and I really enjoyed testing out these products. Only thing I have yet to try is the mascara, I have too many open mascaras at the moment so I won't open it just yet.

So that was all for my august favorites. I can't wait to move so I can get my makeup organized. My place is a total mess at the moment and I always feel like that affects my mind in some strange way. If my place is a mess my head will be a mess too. I don't mean a mess like I'm going crazy, but I have a hard time staying focused and being organized if my surroundings are not somewhat organized.



  1. Love the colours of the NYX palette! How expensive was it? And it's totally understandable, that you haven't been posting as often as you normally do. No worries, we like you anyways :-)

  2. Aaw thanks. I did a review of the palette a while back

    I paid 16$ on ebay but you can get it on cherry culture for 8$ but shipping is 11$ on cherry culture. Så det kunne ikk lige betale sig :)

  3. Thanks for the link to your review :-) It's gorgeous!


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