Monday, September 5, 2011

Hard Candy Fox in a Box review

I just could not resist trying out one of the cute blushes. I've seen several reviews of these blushes on youtube, some bad but mostly good. They have been compared to Benefit's boxed blushes, wich I have never tried but have been wanting to try forever. So I decided to try Fox in a Box. I got the one called Spicy & Sweet.

Price: I got this for 7,99 from the lovely ebay seller El-Potatoe 

Packaging: So I have to admit that it was the packaging that drew me to this product at first. It's so cute. It's a little cardboard box with a magnetic lid. The decorations are really pretty. It comes with a little pink brush that I would not use but it looks cute and you get 5,7grams of product.

I'm really pleased with the colour I chose. I believe there are 5 different ones, some berry shades some bronzers and some almost lilac shades. I chose the one that looked most peachy and pink and the one I thought would work best on pale skin.

So what you get in this little box is 4 different shades of blush a peachy orange, a bronzer, a light pink with golden shimmer and an almost red shade. I love all the shades except the bronze, it's just really really shimmery. But mixed together they look really nice. You could wear one colour if you wanted or you could swirl them all together. I like to use a smaller blush brush like Elf studio blush brush or the Too Faced flatbuki brush.

The pigmentation is really good, I have to apply the red shade very carefully but they all look really good on my skin. You can apply them lightly but they are very buildable as well. They blend out nicely and they are not overly powdery or shimmery (except for that shimmery bronze)

I can't say much about staying power as all powder blushes seem to fade on me the same. But with a bit of cream blush underneath you should be set for most of the day, if not the whole day.

I would certainly recommend this, it's such a bargain for such a nice product.



  1. This looks so cute, I like the Benefit box powders but I haven't tried them, The w7 ones are supposed to be a dupe but I haven't seen them here.

  2. I love love love this blush. I think I saw the w7 blushes on but I'm not sure.

  3. This looks amazing!
    It reminds me of w7 and Benefit too.
    May have to get this one :)


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