Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer review

I'm trying to build a little Hard Candy collection because I want to do a large brand review on Hard Candy. So I have been looking at some hyped up products and stumbled upon this one. I actually bought it for review purpose as I did not think I would be able to use it on my skin type. was I wrong? keep reading.

Price: I got it for 9,99$ from the lovely ebay seller El-potatoe. It's also available in select Wallmarts (but we don't have them in Denmark)

Packaging: You get a whopping 20 grams of product in a nice sqeeze tube. As with other Hard Candy products, the packaging looks really nice with tatoo inspired decorations. The concealer also comes with a little concealer pen that I imagine could be used on spots and such. I actually misplaced the little pen so I won't be able to show it to you.

This is really a full coverage concealer, oh my! It really covers everything up. A little goes a very very long way so you only need the tiniest drop to cover all the areas you need to cover. It's very thick, almost a litle dry so it's not for everyone.

I have seen a lot of reviews talking about how this does not work for mature skin, dry skin or the under eye area. I tend to get dry skin in the winter and I only really use concealer on the eye area so it may seem a little silly for me to purchase this product.

I actually used it for my under eye circles today, I've been sick and I looked a mess. It actually did a superb job and it did not crease or look cakey. I think it all comes down to how you apply it. I used a good moisturizer and then a bit of face primer before gently dabbing it on with my finger. I hardly used any product and it does not look cakey or bad at all and it really stays put.

I tried using it on my face as well to see how it would look on different parts of my face. I can't use this stuff on my nose. I get dry skin on my nose so that is a big no no for me. It covered everything up nicely but I could not apply it do dry areas or on my laugh lines.

(The coverage you get from the tiniest drop, I didn't blend it out I wanted it to show up better on camera)

I really like this for my under eyes on those days where I just need a little extra and I really do think it's a great concealer you just have to know how to work it and where not to put it (lol). It's probably not the concealer I will reach for when I am in a hurry and it can't replace my other concealers but for the under eyes it's perfect.

This is one of those products that you really have to use correctly and you need to be aware of where you can put it and where you can't. So I could see why some people who tried this, hated it and why some people absolutely love it.

It may seem like I have a hard time figuring out wether I like it or not, but I absolutely love it when used right and absolutely hate it when used wrong. It's one of those things I don't absolutely need to have, but I'm glad I do. It's one of those products that I can only use some times and on some areas of my face so I will need to use another concealer for other parts of my face. So I guess that the bad thing about it is, that it's not very versatile at all. I kinda like having one concealer I can just use wherever I need it.

So I won't recommend it but I won't tell you not to get it either. I give it a 9/10 for using under my eyes and a 3/10 for using anywhere else on my face. And there you have it, my confusingly hard to write review



  1. awesome thorough review.. and hun- I know how that feels when you're kind of unsure about a product. :)

  2. It has really grown on me though. I use it every single day now and it will probably be a september favorite.


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