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Large brand review: E.L.F.

I have been using E.L.F daily for about a year now and I'm really impressed with a lot of their products. But I still remember how hard it was to choose the products I wanted to try the very first time. I've seen hundreds of reviews on youtube to try and figure out what would work for me. Some products have been hyped about while other products almost never got mentioned. So after trying a whole bunch of E.L.F I'm ready to give you a larger reivew of the brand.

E.L.F. or EyesLipsFace is a very affordable brand, they can be found online and ship to a large number of countries. (US website) (UK and Europe) According to their website they are able to maintain such low prices because they don't have a big budget for advertising and because they focus more on great products than they do about the packaging. I do however think most of their packaging is very nice.

They have 3 main collections, the regular/essentials line (about 1,50£ per product) , the mineral line (about 3£/3,50£ per product) and the studio line (about 3,50£ per product). 

Here is some of the products that I feel have been raved about the most and my opinion of them:

Essential line eyelash curler 1,50£: It's a nice eyelash curler, it really does curl the lashes very well, but I find that the little rubbery "cushion" thingy keeps falling out of my curler, wich is quite annoying.

Studio line Blush/brozer duo 3,50£: I really like the blush, it's probably one of my favorite blushes it's so pretty. I do not care for the bronzer though, it's way too dark and warm in colour for my skintone. I think it's quite the odd duo because I think the blush works best on pale to light skin but the bronzer would be too dark for pale to light skin. 

Essential line Eyeshadow brush 1,50£: I don't really get the hype about this brush, yeah it's nice enough for packing on eyeshadow but it's not the best I have used. For the price it's a good brush, it get's the job done, nothing special about it in my opinion.

Studio line Blush 3,50: I own 3 of the blushes: gotta glow, tickled pink and candid coral. I totally understand the hype about these blushes, they are such a great quality and they are super buildable. These blushes started my little obsession with blush and now I wear blush every single day. 

Essential line Super glossy lip shine 1,50£: These have been hyped to oblivion, and I do understand why. They are cheap, you get a ton of product, they smell nice and taste sweet and they have spf 15 in them. I have almost tried every single colour but my favorite would have to be pink kiss.

Studio flawless finish foundation 6,50£: This foundation is not for me, the lightest colour is way too yellow for me and I do not like how it applies. I also suspect it of causing me breakouts. So this is definately not worth the hype for me. I have heard people complain about the smell of the foundation, but I don't have aproblem with the smell, maybe they have changed it?

Mineral lipgloss 3£: These have been compared to MAC glosses ( I wouldn't know). I actually dont care for them, they are not bad glosses but I just don't reach for them at all. I find them to be a bit too boring for me. I have tried au naturale and pageant princess.

Studio HD powder 6£: This has also gotten a lot of love online. It just does not work for me. It does not make me look any different and it makes my skin feel oily and greasy after just an hour. I normally have dry skin, but this powder will make my skin go greasy in no time.

Essential line eyelid primer: For the price you really can't go wrong, however in my personal opinion it does not compare to UDPP or Shadow insurance.

Esentail lipstick in classy: Have been compared to a shade of MAC lipstick. It's an ok lipstick, very nice for the price, but nor the best quality and the packaging can be a bit bothersome. However the colour is simply amazing. I love this shade.

Studio Complexion perfection: Is supposed to even out skin tone with it's four different colours of powder. I Gave it a bit of a hard time because it simply did not work for me. I have later started using it again just as a mattifyer, I had some really oily skin this summer and it worked great for that. I still don't see the colours making any difference but it's quite a nice matte face powder.

Studio Face primer: This did not do anything for me, I have seen so many good reviews on this product but it just makes my skin feel very very oily and I don't feel that it helps my makeup stay on longer. However I do feel like it gives me a smoother foundation aplication.

A few pics from some of my Elf hauls

My personal hits:
studio blushes, flat top powder brush, blush brush, golden bronzer, mineral lipstick, Studio under eye concealer and highlight, complete coverage concealer, shimmering facial whip, all over colour sticks, mineral infused mascara and I could go on. I generally like their studio brushes and their studio products a lot. I'm not too fond of their powders and foundations because I find them too dark for me. But I do like their translucent powders and their mineral foundation.

My personal Misses: 
all over cover stick (looks cakey on me), 32 eyeshadow palettes (don't like the quality), the colours of their foundation and powders, Studio 2 in 1 duo gloss (gave me a rash), essential therapeutic lip balm (too oily), tinted moituriser (too oily), clarifying pressed powder (no colour match), mineral lip gloss (boring),  eyebrow lifter and filler (too waxy), face primer (too oily). Mist and set (didn't do anything). 

Elf also makes different palettes, they have eyeshadow palettes and 3 different sizes of studio makeup palettes/kits. I bought the largest makeup kit and I really do love it. I'm still not too fond of the eyeshadows in most of their palettes but I do like their colour selection. I would probably not buy more Elf eyeshadow palettes I prefer their little essential eyeshadow quads.

Considering how many things I have tried and the amount of products I do like I would say that this is my go to brand. I feel very comfortable buying from them and I'm quite happy about the quality and the selection of most products. Ofcourse there will always be some products that I dislike but I'm quite happy with Elf.

What is your hit and misse from Elf? Interested in seeing my whole Elf collection?



  1. This is a great review - good job! Everytime I read a review like this with favourite products, I have to convince myself that I'm not allowed to visit elf's webshop... So right now, I really do look forward to receiving a package from them in a few days ;-)
    The list of your personal hits is a little confusing to me (maybe because I'm actually doing my homework and haven't got time to read it properly), so could you please tell me what your 3 favourites are?

    Again, great work - and yes, I would like to see your collection, I'm sure it would be nice to see (but not sure that I can keep myself away from the webshop ;-) )

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. Oh it's so hard to choose just 3 but they would have to be 1) studio powder brush 2) studio complete coverage concealer 3)Studio blush in candid coral.

  3. I love ELF, i'm just getting into their stuff now. They opened a store in my city which I go to a lot. You have a really great blog, so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Hannah x

    1. Thanks Hannah. Elf has a lot of great stuff. I still need to try a lot of their new items.


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