Monday, September 12, 2011

NYX powder blush review

I wanted to try some other things from NYX after I tried the 10 colour palette in "Champagne and caviar". I have a little obsession with pink blush with golden shimmer so I chose the colour "pinched"

Price: 4,50$ at cherryculture

Packaging: Black plastic container with a clear plastic lid wit the NYX logo on. I'm a little indifferent to the packaging. It's nice and small, but not very pretty and I don't know if it's just this one but I find it really difficult to open.

Ok how many pink blushes with golden shimmer does a girl really need? I need a lot of them apparently lol.
If I had a top 10 of pink blushes with golden shimmer this would probably be somewhere in the middle of that list. The colour is really pretty, not too shimmery but with the odd glitter particle here and there but still glowy and pretty. It's a little sheer, but buildable. It's not the best of it's kind but it certainly isn't the worst either. However I think it's a little too powdery.

I'm afraid that this blush will "get lost" in my collection as it does not really stand out when it comes to pigmentation or staying power. However it is a nice enough blush, and I still want to try a few of the other coloursfrom the brand.

It's a nice blush for the price, however I feel like there are better and just as affodable alternatives out there.
So I would not repurchase this even thought it's nice enough ,it just does not stand out to me and does an average job. It's a pretty fool proof blush because it's a little sheer, so it may be good for the days where I'm in a hurry, I will have to give that a try.

Have you tried NYX blushes? any favorites?


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