Friday, September 2, 2011

Sleek "Oh so special" eyeshadow palette review

As some of you may already know, I got this palette a week or two ago. I got it from Ebay, from a seller I had not bought from before. One of the shadows were broken upon arrival and had made a hughe mess all over. The palette was not wrapped very well, it had no bubble wrap or anything around it, so I'm amazed that only one shadow broke.I decided to clean it up and keep it, as it would be too expensive for me to return it. So I have been hesitant to show you the palette as it is not "nice and new" looking. But i thought oh what the heck, the swatches will turn out just the same. So here we go.

Price: 6£ and 3,99£ for shipping to Denmark. I know you can also get it from Sleeks website for about 7,95£ but I believe shipping to Denmark is also 7,95£ so I wanted to save a little on shipping. (won't be doing that again).

Packaging: At first I though I had gotten a fake palette. I have seen reviews of the Storm palette and thought that the eyeshadow pans looked really small in real life. Also there is a difference in the look of the inside of the palette. it's hard to explain but it seems like sleek has changed the look of the plastic around the eyeshadow. Google both the palettes and you will see the difference. I do like that it's smaller than I thought, makes it easier to travel with, and I can see from the broken shadow that the pans are quite deep so you do get a lot of product. The palette itself is as the brand name implies, quite sleek. It seems quite sturdy and the quality of the packaging is very nice. You get quite a large mirror as well so thumbs up for packaging.

You get a nice selection of 7 matte and 5 shimmery/metallic shadows so that's quite nice. However I wish that they had put in a shimmery light neutral shade as well.

My initial thought on the shadows was, that they all seemed to be really dark for my pale skin. I also noticed that there was no highlight colour (the lightest one does work great as a highlight if you are not pale) and there did not seem to be an all over lid colour for my skintone. So my initial reaction was that I probably would need another eyeshadow as well.

The matte shadows are very silky but I feel like the real winners in this palette is the shimmery shades.
Here they are swatched (no primer).

My favorite colours would have to be: Glitz, Celebrate, Gateu, Wrapped up and Noir.
That black shade is SUPER black I really love it, and Wrapped up is such a pretty crease colour. I would probably not wear Ribbon on my eyes, but it makes for a lovely cheek colour.

I think almost all of these shadows have great pigmentation, the lighter matte neutral shadows do seem a little sheer to me, and celebrate can also seem a little sheer when swatched. However I find that they are very buildable and they blend really well. You can go for a soft neutral look or you can really deepen the look with the darker shades.

I always use a primer underneath my eyeshadow so I can't say how well they would wear without one. But with primer they last all day and then some. I did not even see any fading at all. So I'm really impressed with that.

Here is a look I created, the quality of the photo is not that great but believe me it really looked amazing. I love the looks you can create with this palette,

I would really recommend getting this palette, I think it's absolutely wonderful. I'm more of a neutrals kinda gal, even though these shadows lean more towards the neutral sides, you fo get some interesting shades to play with, so I would not say that this palette is completely neutral, the pinks and the smokey purple makes this an interesting palette.



  1. Looks really nice! Will consider that palette for sure.. Oh, all your swatches and reviews empties my bank account ;-)

  2. Thank you :) It's a good thing I mostly review affordable products then ;) Have you bought anything that I have reviewed? if so I would love to hear your opinion on the products :)

  3. hello
    i recently purchased this item, from ebay, cause i live in australia, and we dont get sleek here :)
    im wondering, the picture of the eye make up you did above, what colours did you use to create that eye?
    thank you :)

  4. I can't rememeber exactly, But I think I used a mix of "Organza" and "gatau" on the lid and I used the beautiful "wrapped up" in the crease. I also used a bit of "celebrate" in the crease.


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