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Too Faced, Look of love kit

I was running out of my favorite eye primer: Too faced shadow insurance, and was browsing the web for a new one when I stumbled upon this kit. I have been using most of the products daily for a week now and think it's about time for a review, I will review the whole kit as a product but also write a bit about every item.

Price: 32£ or 58,54$ or about 305 DKK at

Packaging: All your the products come in a super pretty baby pink makeup bag with a plastic protective coating with pictures of butterflies, roses, pearls and the eifel tower and a big Too Faced logo.

In the beautiful makeup bag you get: a full size shadow insurance eyeshadow primer, a full size Glamour Gloss - volumizing lip gloss in "barely legal", the look of love compact with 2 eyeshadows, a blush and a generous sized mirror, a full size lash injection mascara, a deluxe sample of the primed and poreless face primer and a pink flatbuki brush.

You really get a great deal here, the gloss, mascara and eyeshadow primer alone is worth the 32£ you pay for this entire kit. So you get the makeup bag, the flatbuki brush, the compact and the deluxe sample for free. So how did I like the products? let's find out. ( I have not tried the mascara yet, as I have so many opened ones I need to go through first so I hope you can live with that)

Glamour Gloss "barely legal": I love the packaging of this gloss. It's very pretty and girly with a metallic pink lid and a giant "diamond" on top of the lid. It has a doe foot applicator, but not the spongy cheap kind, it's really soft  and makes the application feel so soft and smooth. The gloss itself is infused with Lip Injection comfort plump. It has a nice subtle sweet scent to it. The gloss is very moisturizing and feels soft on the lips. A few seconds after application you will start to feel a cooling sensation. It actually does a great job at plumping the lips. It''s not painful and it does not make them look like you have had an allergic reaction, it just makes them look fuller and softer and makes the lines and ridges go away. Even though it's a very pretty light pink I don't care much for the colur, simpy because it tends to settle into the lines of my lips, wich ofcourse goes away somewhat once your lips are fully plumped, but it's still noticable. I like to put a lipstick on top of it once it has done it's magic. I would certainly repurchase this, as this could turn out to be my new favorite gloss.

Shadow Insurance eye primer: This is my all time favorite primer! I have tried several different primers including the Urban Decay primer potion. I love the UDPP just as much but the Shadow Insurance won my heart because of the sqeeze tube and the pretty blue packaging. I think this primer is the best primer ever, when it comes to making your shadow more vibrant and bringing out the colour as much as possible. It really grabs the shadow and holds it in place for such a long time. I find that eyeshadow of good quality stays on untill I take it off and it helps cheap eyeshadow to stay on 4-5 hours longer. So this is already my holy grail product, and even though I keep looking for cheaper alternatives I always end up repurchasing this.

Primed and Poreless face primer: I love it! I have had to rewrite this section a million times because I keep rambling on. I will have to do a face primer comparison post soon as I have tried several face primers but never really understood what was so great about them, because they just did not seem to work for me. Well this one does. I finally found the face primer that is right for my skin. It's not as oily or greasy as the other primers I have used and I think that's why it works for me. This really helps with oil control on my T-zone througout the day, it instantly makes my pores less visible (it does not make them dissapear, but it's an improvement) and it makes my makeup look so much better. I have not had any breakouts with this primer. I absolutely adore it. I won't tell you to go out and buy it though. Simply because I have no chance of knowing if it will work on your particular skin type. But for me this is perfect. I will surely get the full size and then some!

Flatbuki brush: This is a nice little brush for traveling. It's really soft. I use it for blush and it does a great job blending out the colour. I really like this brush. the only downside it the pink bristles, even though it looks cute, it's really hard to tell how much product it has picked up especially if you are using it for pink blush, but I'm always careful when applying blush and it just blends out everything so well. So overall I like this brush a lot, This brush costs 9,25£/15$ on it's own wich is quite a lot compared to my beloved Elf studio brushes, but I love the shape o this better than elf blush brush and it way more travel friendly.

Look of Love compact: Such cute packaging! I have to say though that I am a little dissapointed in this. I had higher hopes for the eyeshadow (silk teddy and Totally toasted), it's great quality as always but they are the most metallic eyeshadows I have ever seen. Not that I don't like metallic eyeshadow but is was just not what I expected from 2 neutral shades. I wish the light shades had been more matte. However they are still good quality and I will find a use for them. The blush (la vie en rose) is sooo pretty. It's a beautiful almost matte pink with some golden sheen to it.I have so many pink blushes with golden shimmer but this one stands out. It's more pink and less coral and the shimmer is very subtle yet gives my cheeks a beautiful glow. It blends like a dream and I'm just in love with this blush. It's the first too faced blush I have tried, but I think I need to try some more. So even though I don't care too much for the eyeshadow I totally love the blush.

I hope you liked this rather large review of my Look of Love kit from Too Faced. I'm really pleased with the quality of their products and I will certainly be on the lookout for other kits and sets to try out, I do think that Too Faced is quite expensive, but I think that it's well worth it. I already have done a review on their naked eyes eyeshadow palette that I also totally love. I will let you know how I like the mascara when I get around to using it.

Have you tried some Too Faced products? what would you recommend? what do you absolutely hate?
Let me know if you want more swatches and pictures, I just thought the post would get way too long with all the pictures as well.



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