Friday, September 9, 2011

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow trios review

I have been trying like crazy to get my hands on the limited dreamweavers collection, but I only managed to get "dancing in the clouds" wich was the one I also wanted the most so I guess it's not all bad. I also bought the trio called "silent treatment" after seeing such great reviews on it.

Price: 8,50$ on ebay.

Packaging: Small palette with a clear plastic lid. These palettes can be a real pain to get to open. There is nothing special to say about the packaging, it's kinda cheap but still travel friendly.

Silent treatment:
I was a bit dissapointed at the browbone colour, it's very very sheer, it's such a beautiful colour and it does work well as a super subtle browbone shade but it's just too sheer for my taste. The other two colours are fantastic, very pigmented and so soft. They are easy to blend and lasts quite well with a good primer underneath. I would definately use this for a daytime or a nighttime look as the dark crease colour can make the look very dramatic. It's just a great little palette and a great combination of colours.

Dancing in the sky:
 The purple crease colour really dissapointed me. I don't know if I "got a bad one" or what, but this colour has almost no pigmentation and I find it really difficult for my brush to pick up any colour at all. I bought this palette for it's pretty purple so that's a bit of a bummer. The two other colours are super nice, very smooth and pigmented with a nice metallic finish. I do think it's a bit of an odd palette though. I would probably use all of these as an all over colour and not for the browbone or the crease. I really wanted to use the purple on the eyelid and blend it out with the coppery shade and use the golden shade as a liner but the purple is pretty much useless. So I don't see myself reaching for this palette a lot.

Even though I dont really like the crease colour in "dancing in the sky" and the browbone colour in "silent treatment" is a little too sheer I still enjoy wet n wild eyeshadow. It's great quality and pigmentation for the price. But some of the colours are a little hit and miss, I normally really like their eyeshadow so I think I was just "unlucky" and picked a few bad ones this time. I'm still enjoying their 8 colour palette in "comfort zone" quite a bit. I would repurchase "silent treatment" but I would not repurchase "dancing in the clouds"

What do you think about the wet n wild eyeshadows?



  1. The eyelid colour in Silent treatment is lovely.
    I like the one I have but I couldn't use it every day. Most have a look at these trios for everyday looks.

  2. I just got 4 palettes from the US for US$3.00 each!

    I bought Walking on Eggshells, Silent Treatment, I'm Feeling Retro and I Dream of Greenie. The Greenie palette isn't for me. I bought it for a friend I'm doing a makeup swap with.

    If you want to buy cheaper from a proper US website, I recommend this one I've used many times I takes about 10 days postage from the US to the UK, but that's ok because the postage charges aren't extortionate. They'll also ship to Denmark and payment is by PayPal, Credit Card via their Yahoo webstore.

    I totally recommend them, they were recommended to me I have no once in 4 orders had anything wrong, everything is bubblewrapped and they'll even post nail polish by International post.

    I'm going to use these palettes next week and review them.


  3. I am really liking wet n wild eyeshadows lately, mostly because they are so great for the price. @Opi, definately check the everyday colours out. @Karen yeah I know about the nonpareilboutique, have just never gotten around to buying from them, I don't know why. Will certainly take a look at it next time.


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