Sunday, October 9, 2011

A few things I regret buying

I have been thinking about doing reviews on these products for a long time now but somehow I've just never gotten around to it. So I decided that I would do a little "products I regret buying" again. I feel like I have a lot of products I regret at the moment.

Nyx Round lip gloss: I have only tried 2 of their round glosses; Sorbet and Baby pink but I honestly do not care for these at all. They smell like some kind of dish washing soap, like a chemical lemon smell. The colour Sorbet is full of glittery chunks but the gloss itself is an opaque milky pink so you can't really see the glitter at all, untill you try and wipe the gloss off and find your lips covered in sticky glitter that just won't come off. The colour baby pink is allright but I fint it har to wear these glosses without being bothered by the smell.

Elf Beauty Encyclopedia, Face edition:
I really tried using this for a long time, but I still hate it. The concealers are sticky and greasy, the shimmer creams are allright for just a slight bit of highlighting but also quite greasy, the brinzer is too dark for me and the blush would be amazing if it wan't full of chunks of glitter.

So here was a few more of the products I regret buying. I still have a few left but I find it hard to even want to bother with products I don't care for.

What do you think of these products, like them or dislike them?


  1. I dont think I would ever buy the elf encyclopedia for my face just because having fair skin a pre-set box would hardly work for me, I would rather spend the time and effort finding individual items that work. I have never tried anything by nyx. would you reccomend them as a brand or not?

  2. I have not yet tried enough products from NYX to be comfortable with recommending them as a brand.

    I tried 2 single shadows that I did not quite like. Their powder blush in pinched is quite nice, a bit powdery but still good. Their round lipsticks are very good quality for the price but they smell funny. I'm not too fond of their round lip glosses, mostly because of the smell.

    I do love their 10 colour eyeshadow palettes, I have one and another on the way. I also love their 3 colour palettes a lot. I like their jumbo lip pencils and their jumbo eye pencils as well.

    I have more products on the way so I will let you know hoe I like them.


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