Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jordana Easyshine review

I got these Jordana Easyshine glossy lip colours in my Cherryculture haul. I bought them because they reminded me of some lipsticks/tinted balms I had when I was first starting out with makeup. I can't remember the name or brand of those but they looked similar so I had to try them.

To my surprise the pink lip colour actually smells just like the lipstick I had when I was younger, so this is like pure nostalgia for me. It made me intantly like these. This will be just a quick little show and tell about the 2 shades: Cotton candy and Fresh melon.
Price: 1,99$ from here

 I love the smell of these two, "cotton candy" smells sugary and sweet, and "fresh melon" has a kind of candy melon smell to it so that is super nice. they give your lips just a hint of colour and a nice glossy shine. Fresh melon has a pearly finish and cotton candy has a juicy glossy finish.

I have a hard time figuring out what I should describe them as, they are not moisturising enough to be balms, too sheer to be lipsticks so I guess they are glossy lip tints in stick format lol. These are not the most long lasting "glossy lip tints" in fact it feels like they wear off pretty fast, but they do leave some colour behind even when you can't feel them on the lips anymore. Oh and they taste sweet.

 Cotton candy:

 Fresh melon:

Even though they are not very long lasting, pigmented or moisturisig I still really really like these. I love how they look on my lips, how they smell, feel and taste and for the price of only 2 dollars I am certainly going to get some more colours.

I'm so glad I gave these a chance, although they will never be my holy grail of lip products I will enjoy using these a lot.



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