Sunday, October 30, 2011

LA Colors Eye Design / palette of the week

Today I'm combining my palette of the week post with a review of the LA Colors Eye Design palette called "Invent" As this palette deserves all the credit it can get. I've fallen absolutely head over heels in love with this palette of awesomeness.

Price: 5$ or about 26 DKK or 3,11£ on Cherry Culture.

Packaging: it's the kind of cheap plastic you could expect from such an affordable product. it is however easier to open than most cheap palettes. You get 30 eyeshadows wich in total gives you a whopping 45 grams of product. Amazing.

My two scents: I was not sure what to expect when I placed my order, I had only heard good things about LA colors eyeshadows but I can be quite picky when it comes to eyeshadow. Even though I did not have very high expectations I still was a bit disapointed when I first looked at the palette. I did a couple of finger swatches and decided that I probably would'nt like this pakette at all. I decided to give it a try as I wanted to play around with purple colours this fall. I'm so glad I decided to try them on. They apply like a dream and I love how they look on my eyes. I am absolutely amazed by the colours and the way they just look so darned good once applied. These are pretty much all shimmery (no glitter) so if you are looking for mattes, then these are not for you.

On the go: These shadows are easy to blend and easy to apply so I found myself being really pleased with my eye looks... even on super busy mornings. You do have to remember to give your brush a tab to avoid fall out.

Evening out: Super great for creating beautiful night time looks. But you may feel the need to dig out a black eyeshadow from your collection as this palette does not hold any black shadows.

Variation: Finally a palette that speaks to the creative side of me. I felt so inspired that I actually managed to do a new look for every day of the week. Amazing!

 Swatched without a base or a primer!

Staying power: It actually stays on quite well, considering the price of the palette. This would last me almost 8 hours without a primer and all day and night with a primer. I did not see any creasing but I did notice that the brighter colours seemed to fade out a bit by the end of the day. These are also fantastic with a bit of cream eyeshadow underneath.

Work appropriate: I was afraid that these would not exactly be office friendly. But I actually managed to pull it off. I used the lighter skin tone colours for the entire lid and then some of the more reddish brown shades in my crease and added the more vibrant colours as a liner or just on the outer corner of the eye.

This is probably my favorite palette at the moment and I wish I could just keep using this every single day, but then my palette of the week posts would probably be quite boring huh? I'm seriously considering getting some more LA Colors palettes. I really recommend these! I bought it because I wanted to try some purple eyeshadows as I'm  mostly into neutrals and I fell in love!

I would love to hear what you guys think of this palette, have you tried it? would you consider trying it? let me know.



  1. Love the design :-) And wow, they are really pigmented!

  2. Yeah I was totally taken by surprice by these. I did not expect to become so fond of them. Now I just want to keep using them all the time

  3. That's amazing, I want that. I love LA Colors eyeshadows!

  4. And it's such good quality. I'm hooked on LA colors eyeshadow


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