Monday, October 3, 2011

Palette of the week!

I have soo many makeup palettes it's almost a little obsessive. But I love love love palettes and I don't really have any single eyeshadows, everything is put into palettes. With all these palettes it's hard to get around to using them all. That's why I have decided to use 1 palette for 1 week and see how that will work out for me. Each week I will let give you like a little mini review of the palette talking about how the week went. Some days I am busy and need something easy and fast, some days I want to glam it up when I'm going out, so I will be testing the palettes to see if they can do all that.

This weeks palette is the NYX Champagne and Caviar palette. I have raved about it before and I still really love it. This is my "go to" palette when I am on the go and need a quick makeup look. I have been using it so frequently that I actually got the idea for these weekly post because of it.

So how did it perform:

On the go: It's so easy to use when you're looking for a quick makeup look, the colours are blendable and neutral so you can easily apply one or two shades and be out the door without worrying about the eye makeup.

Evening out: This is also super great for night time looks, the dark brown and the matte black let's you deepen the look and the pearly pink is such a pretty highlight colour.

Variation: Here is the negative bit. I do think some of these colours are quite similar to eachother so that can make it a little difficult to achieve a lot of different looks. I would say I probably did 3 different looks with it this week. 2 for everyday and one for night time. It's defiantely easier to come up with some different looks if you have the time for it. I'm always in a rush in the morning so I wound up doing the same look over and over.

Staying power: Stays on quite well with my too faced shadow inscurance. I do forget to use primer some times and I did notice it crease up in the afternoon.

Work appropriate: Most defiantely! These shades are very neutral and very office friendly.

See you in a week with a new palette.

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