Sunday, October 16, 2011

Palette of the week

Yet another week has passed and yet another palette has been put to the test. This week I have been using my Pixi wakeup kit. This has been my blish palette, eyeshadow palette and lip palette of the week.
On the go: This palette is quite convenient all I needed was a little foundation, and some mascara and this kit and I was good to go. I think it's quite good for those busy mornings. 

Evening out:These colours are all shimmery so they would be nice for an evening look, if only there were some darker colours to deepen the look. I feel this palette really lacks a black or dark smokey purple.

Variation: Even though you get a lot of different eye shadows I do find them to be quite similar. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with different looks, I always went back to the same 3-4 shades. Somehow these colours just do not ispire me to try out different looks.
Staying power: I'm quite impressed with the staying power of the lip gloss and the blush. The lip gloss probaby has the best staying power I have ever experienced in a gloss. The blush lasts all day, it does fade a bit but it's still noticible. The eyeshadow did last all day, it did not crease at all. But I did find it to fade a little.

Work appropriate:Even though the shades are quite neutral, they are also quite shimmery wich can be a little too much for some. However I do think that most of these shades would be considered work appropriate in my opinion.

This is not exactly my favorite palette, though I'm crazy about the gloss and the blush I'm not crazy about the eyeshadows they are a bit sheer, quite shimmery and the colours are just a little too similar.


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