Saturday, October 1, 2011

September favorites

Wow is it october already? can't believe I'm turning 25 on friday. This months favorite wasn't hard to pick. I have been using this every single day this month. It's the Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer.

I wasn't too sure what I thought about at first, but I love this stuff now. I use it every day as my under eye concealer. It instantly makes me look more awake and makes my eyes look brighter. It's easy to blend and it stays put. And you get a LOT of product in the tube, this is definately my favorite concealer of all time. There are only 3 shades to choose from but luckily for me the lightest shade is just right for my skin tone.

I have also been enjoying this self heating mask from Montagne Jeunesse. It feels great, smells great and really makes my skin smoother and cleaner. I get 2 uses out of one pack of this stuff. I wish I could get a whole tub of this!

Some other products worth mentioning are my new skincare, pure system from Yves Rocher. I have only been using the products for a few days, but I already see an improvement in the size of my pores and my skin feels cleaner and still very moisturized. I especially enjoy the micro peeling mask. The scrubbing "bits" in this mask are soo tiny, they scrub really well without being too harsh on the skin. Probably the best scrub I have tried.
What are your september favorites?


  1. I have been wanting to try Hard Candy Glamoflauge. I've heard its amazing. I have used NYX cream concealer forever, so its been easy to hold off on getting Glamoflauge.

  2. I really do like this concealer, it's the best I have tried yet. I have not tried the NYX one yet but I have ordered it so I will be trying it soon.

  3. I'd love to try that concealer.
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