Monday, October 10, 2011

September giveaway winner announced!

So it's finally time to draw the september giveaway winner. I am very pleased that so many of you decided to participate in my giveaway. This is the biggest giveaway I have done so far and I'm really thankfull that HOT makeup made it all happen.

The winner is... Nina from Ninas bargain beauty (I hope that's the correct blog-name)
Please contact me (within a week) with your adress so I can send you your prize. You can find my e-mail under contact information.

Just to refresh your memory, the prize is 1 HOT makeup baked eyeshadow palette, 1 HOT single eyeshadow, 2 HOT eyeliners and 1 HOT rubber pen.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope to do more great giveaways like this soon.
(If I'm not contacted within a week, I will allow myself to randomly pick another winner).

Loevens .


  1. Dear Nina I have tried lookibng for your contact information on your blog but with no luck. Please contact me or comment below so I can send you your prize. If any other blogger knows her, please don't hesitate to let her now that she has won

  2. oh my god Loevens thank you soooooo much ahhhhhhhhhhh im so excited :) :) thanks a million hun sorry i was so busy yesterday i hadnt had chance to check out my blogettes pages :) thank you thank you thank you

  3. Hey Nina please comment with your e-mail adress or send me an e-mail. My e-mail can be found in the "contact" bar on this site. I need it so I can get your adress before I can ship your prize to you.


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