Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Balm Hot Mama / face prod otw

I recently bought the Balmbini palette from The Balm to try out some of their products. I will do a full review of the palette soon. Promise. This week I found myself using the Hot Mama blush from the palette every single day. 

Pigmentation:  This is quite pigmented, I really do have to apply it very lightgly, but it totally works for me.

Colour/shade: It does look somewhat similar to my other favorite blushes. It's a warm peachy pinkish shade with loads of golden shimmer to it. I just love pink/peachy blushes with golden shimmer and even though I have quite a lot of those kind of blushes, none of them are completely similar. Did not know there could be this many variations of peachy pink with golden shimmer but I'm glad there is.

Staying power: This has great staying power. The shimmer does fade a bit during the day but I can definately still detect a hint of colour at night when I go to remove my makeup.

On the go: Even though it's super pigmented it also blends like a dream, so I never feel like I'm over applying. I find that different brushes works for different blushes, I use my Elf Studio blush brush with this blush, my Too Faced flatbuki brush pick up too much product for this.

Work appropriate: Yup! it looks really natural on me even though I am quite pale. I can only imagine how fab this blush would be on medium skin tones. love it.

Wow I feel like I'm always writing the same things about all my blushes, guess I need to leave the peachy pinks with golden shimmer for a bit and go for something more daring or different. By the way, I just bought a new blush from Elf Studio called "twinkle pink" and guess what... yup, it's peachy with gold glitter and shimmer.

I have to start planning my posts better. I find it hard to take pictures for my blogs at the moment as it is dark when I wake up and dark when I come home from work. I'll have to start planning my time a little better so I can take some photos this weekend of all the fab things I have yet to show you guys.

I'm also thinking about doing my own version of project 10 pan soon, but I should probably wait 'till after christmas.



  1. this palette looks hot !! wow

  2. Great product... i would love to try something from The Balm
    Have fun with all the blushes :D

  3. Check out ebay if you want to try some The balm things. I got a few cheap sample size products from ebay.


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