Friday, November 18, 2011

The Body Shop Extra virgin minerals foundation

I bought this foundation a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it every day since, so I feel like I'm ready to share my opinion on this product with you. I got the Extra virgin mineral creme foundation in the shade  102 natural ivory. There is also a Extra virgin minerals liquid foundation and a mineral powder wich I have yet to try. 

Even though this comes with a brush I prefer to use my makeup sponges, so the results I write about in this review is based on applying the product with a sponge.

Price: 235 DKK in Denmark or 25$ in the US So it's almost 20$ cheaper in the US

Packaging: Matte black round compact with a mirror in the lid. There is a compartment under the creme foundation, here you will find a super soft foundation brush. I have not seen a foundation brush like this before. I think the packaging looks really nice and it's quite sturdy. Even tough it is matte black I find it easy to keep clean. Some matte black packaging can start to look dirty really fast but not this one. So all in all I am loving the packaging. You get 8,5 grams or 0,3 oz of product. wich is not really a lot.

Finish: On the Danish website it says that this foundation will leave your skin with a matte finish. That is not true for me. This is probably one of the most dewy looking foundations I have tried, not oily looking just dewy. I set it with a powder and the result is a very natural even complexion. I love how this just melts into my skin and it does not crease, flake or get cakey. My skin has never looked this good before.

Coverage: It says medium to full coverage on the Body Shop website. I love how adjustable this can be. It can be apllied really sheer and it can also be quite covering. It's really hard to describe this foundation but I will try. It covers freckles, pores, redness and such but it does not look like you are wearing a lot of foundation it's like your own skin but way better. It's probably the most natural looking foundation that I have ever used. When I say natural I don't mean sheer, I mean you can layer this on thick and still not look cakey or powdery. It blends to a perfectly seemless finish.

Lasting power: All foundations fade or cake up on me by the end of the day, but there is a difference in when and how. This foundation does fade a bit after an 8 hours work day but it never looks cakey and it still looks fresh and dewey the coverage is just a little sheerer by the end of the day. So even though I may get a little oily and the foundation starts to fade my skin still looks nice and fresh, no cakey, flaky patches.
blended on the left side and swatched on the right side, Look how well this blends!

My verdict: This is an amazing foundation, it's probably the best I have ever used. However, the price is a little crazy, especially considering that I have only had it for like 3 weeks and I have already hit pan on it, and I don't really wear that much foundation on an every day basis.This compact will probably only last me 2 months, so that's a bit of a bummer but I will definately have to repurchase it and I will also have to try out the other Extra Virgin mineral products.

Have you tried this foundation yet?



  1. Thanks for the rewiev, consider trying this out now. Btw do you have dry or oily skin? Cause I have dry, and I'm not sure if it'll work for me then

  2. I have oily skin in the summer and dry skin in winter. Right now I'm somewhere in between I am oily around the t-zone and I am dry around my mouth and my cheeks. This does not cling to my dry areas I ofcourse cant promise you that it will be the same for you. I don't know where you are from but in Denmark they are glad to give you a little make over and let you try the product. So I suggest you talk to one of the nice girls from your local shop and let her help you before you buy.


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