Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall/Winter beauty trends: dark lips

Red lips are sexy, matte red lips are cool but dark lips are where it's at this season.

1. Use a dark almost black lip liner to outline your lips. Or you can use a black eye liner.

2. Then apply a dark lipstick, the lipstick has to be lighter than the lip liner.

3. Blend the liner into the lipstick to create a sexy two toned look. (darkest on the outline then lighter and lighter towards the middle of the lips).

4. don't wear too much eye makeup. A skin tone coloured eyeshadow will do. Apply a good coat of mascara.

5. Go for a darker blush than usual, try a deep berry toned blush. Or you could use your dark red lipstick as a creme blush.

Don't mind my strange hair and the bad lighting. I wanted to show how I tried to do the look. However I feel it would work better on medium to dark skin tones. The lips do not look as dark as I wanted because of the lighting. They should have looked darker. The products shown in this post is not the products I used. They are just suggestions.



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