Saturday, November 5, 2011

Homemade eyeshadow palette

I've been eyeing the Coastal scents winterberry palette for a very long time now, even before I started my love affair with purple eyeshadow. As I really did not think I needed any more eyeshadow I decided to make my own winterberry palette. I've been mixing and pressing pigments for a while and I have about 5 palettes containing 15 pressed eyeshadows each so it was not that hard to find the shadows I wanted to fit in my palette.

This is not a dupe or an exact match it's just my own homemade palette, inspired by the winterberry palette from Coastal Scents, I call it "Iced berry":

Below: Homemade Iced berry palette

Below: Winterberry palette

Here are some swatches of my homemade eye shadows. I'm quite pleased with the end result and I don't feel like the camera really shows how pigmented these truly are. (maybe I'm just a little too proud of my own doings lol)  These are swatched without a base or primer.

Thank you for tuning in on this little random post. I may have to feature this palette in one of my "palette of the week" posts soon. Let me know if you want swatches of my other homemade shadows.




  1. That first purple is such an amazing colour x

  2. Thanx I'm really happy about that colour. I use it as a liner sometimes :)

  3. Could you do a post on how you pressed your shadows?

  4. @SeeTrinny. It's been a while since I've last pressed some shadows and I do not have the products I used to do it anymore. So I would suggest that you search for a youtube video about presiing pigments, that's how I got started. I bought most of my pigments from coastal scents and I have experimented with several different methods. But I stopped because I found the pressed pigments to be quite fragile and would rather just put the loose pigment in small containers.


  5. wish I could make this!

    You should sell this to people! because I would buy this! you should do Christmas/Easter/Halloween/Eid eye shadows! I love the purple eye shadow because it's my fave colour!
    from Anonymous

    1. Thank you so much :) I don't think these pressed shadows travel well so I probably could not ship tthem out as pressed shadows but maybe I should make loose shadow palettes...


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