Friday, November 4, 2011

LA Colors Star Gaze "makeout" Palette

I bought this palette in the same haul where I bought the LA Colors Eye design palette I have been raving about. I did not really know what to expect and I was not sure how I would like the colours but I felt like trying something a little different from my beige and brown  nudes I have grown so fond of. This is 1 out of the 3 star gaze palettes from LA colors, the others are called: Admire (purples and pinks) and Contemplate (greens, blues, teals and greys)

Price: 3,50$ from cherry culture

Packaging: I actually think the packaging is quite nice considering the price of this palette. It looks quite nice and it's not as difficult to open as some other cheaper brand palettes. But ofcourse you do not get super deluxe quality packaging this cheap. But all in all it's quite allright. Maybe I could have used a mirror in the lid but hey, how many things comes with mirrors these days? A lot... So I don't really need any more mirrors.

 I have to say I am quite impressed with LA Colors eyeshadow. They have great pigmentation and a nice finish they are soft, creamy and blendable. Ofcourse you are not getting the smooth and pigmented Urban Decay quality but I think you get amazing quality for the price.  As with the Eye design palette, I was not too impressed when I first swatched these with my fingers. They are quite soft to the touch and can be a bit "crumbly" But I was sooo amazed when I started applying these to my eyes. 

These shadows are all shimmery except from the black shadow, it's not quite matte but it's less shimmery than the other colours. As you can see from the picture below these are quite pigmented, I have used no base or primer for these swarches.

I don't think I will get as much use out of this palette as I will the Eye design palette but that all comes down to the colour selection in the palette. I don't wear blues or greens and I'm not that into orange as well. So that limits this palette a bit for me. I would also have liked a white or a lighter flesh toned shade as well. I will definately give it a fair try and feature it in a palette of the week post to see what I can come up with. But I will probably only use 10 out of the 16 colours, wich still is a pretty good deal for 3,50$

I'm still thinking about getting the other two palettes. Before LA Colors I did not wear purple eyeshadow, so maybe LA Colors can get me started on blues and greens as well.  What do you think of this palette? have you tried any palettes from LA Colors?



  1. I just got this pallete and i LOVE it!
    - pumpkinxxxqueen on youtube =)

  2. I think LA colors make some really good eyeshadows for a very good price.


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