Monday, November 14, 2011

Palette of the week 88 marble palette

This week (last week) I have been using my 88 neutral and marble eyeshadow palette. I got it from Ebay and I have no idea what the palette is called. It does remind me a lot of the Coastal Scents 88 palettes in both look and quality but I have not seen this exact palette on Coastal Scents. This palette Contains both matte and shimery eyeshadows, some good and some not that great. 
On the go: This won't fit into your handbag, unless you have quite a big handbag ofcourse. However I don't think I would carry it around with me. It may be ok for traveling as it does not seem too fragile but I don't think it would last well being moved around in a hand bag all day. I found that this palette worked great on busy mornings as well as the mornings I had more time to waste. They blend well and they are easy to apply. Some colours show up better than others. Some are very badly pigmented and some are just great. But if you know wich colours to use it's really easy to do a quick yet nice look.

Evening out: This works well for evening looks, as long as you are not looking for that extremely metallig or shimmery shade. It does have a few greens and purples and blues and it also has some nice deeper shades to contour with.
Variation: Even though you get 88 eyeshadows I don't feel like I could do that many different looks. I think a lot of the shades look quite similar to eachother, And they are just kinda trown in there randomly. I could have used a better variation of colour and better organizing of the colours.
Staying power: This was a bit of a chore for me. The first few days of use, these did not last very well on me. But I quickly learned that more is more with these shades. You need a good primer and a good base, NYX jumbo pen or Elf cream Studio cream eyeshadow will do. Then you need to make sure that the primer and the cream shadow is properly set with plenty of eyeshadow or it will crease like crazy. Even with the perfect base these shadows will fade in colour during the day, they won't crease or may have just minimal creasing but the colours won't stay vibrant throughout the day. with a geat base these would last over 8 hours but be less vibrant by the end of the day.
Work appropriate: These are very work appropriate, you could create the most natural eye look but you can also glam it up and do a smokey eye.

In the above picture I have marked the eyeshadows with either red (bad) yellow (medium) or green (good) to show you how hit or miss the shades in this palette are. This is only based on pimentation and quality not how much I like one colour or another. (click to enlarge)
This palette is just OK. It annoys me that some shades are horrible quality and some are great, none are amazing.



  1. I have one of these I think it was supposed to be like the CS Shimmer palette.

    Again I was the same it was only ok.

  2. Yeah it's nothing special. I have the CS Metal mania palette and that is waaaay better. Think I have to be more careful where I buy from. I do know that you can get the same exact palettes that CS have much cheaper on Ebay but I think there is also some bad ones out there.

  3. They are all the same. BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents. They buy their palettes in bulk with no brand on them and then re-brand them themselves.

    I have the Metal Mania palette, not Coastal Scents, but it is exactly the same. It doesn't have any name on the front, just plain black. And it only cost me $10.

    If you see an 88, 78 or 120 palette, it's usually just unbranded cosmetics.

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  4. @Jaci yeah I know :), what I meant was that Coastal Scents does not carry this exact palette. I think they may not have found it good enough. I have bought a 28 neutral palette on Ebay for under 10$ and it's an exact match to the one Coastal Scents sell. I think Coastal Scents are a little overpriced especially their shipping, So I'm happy that these palettes are available on ebay :)


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