Sunday, November 6, 2011

Palette of the Week

This week I have been using my ELF 141 piece master makeup kit. I have to say that I could have used some more time with this palette. I was a bit sick this week so there were a couple of days where I did not feel like wearing makeup, so I didn't. 
Before we get started I wanted to give you my opinion on the eyeshadows in this palette. They are allright. But I had some issues with them. They did not show up very vibrantly and they creased like there was no tomorrow. I fixed the colour issue by using my trusty NYX jumbo eye pencil in "youghurt" and WOW it really helped a lot. With the jumbo pen as a base I can create a tonne of pigmented and defined looks with the elf palette. 
On the go: You can't exactly toss this into your handbag and be on your way so It's not exactly travel friendly. I will say this is great for busy mornings. It's not dificult to use the palette and it has a nice sized mirror wich also helps. With some help from my NYX jumbo pen I actually managed to do some nice smokey looks even though I was in a hurry.  I had to switch to another blush brush in order to get a good look with the blushes. They are quite powdery and my good trusty Too faced flatbuki brush just kept picking up too much product, so I had to use the Elf Studio brush blush.

Evening out: I have to admit I did cheat this week. I had a family party to go to yesterday and for reasons that I will mention under "staying power" I did not want to use this palette. You could create some very beautiful evening looks with this palette though.
Variation: You get sooo many different shades and colours in this palette, for both the eyes and the cheeks so you can definately do some different looks. However I do feel like the layout of the eyeshadows could be better. I don't exactly feel that this palette inspires me, even though there are some pretty awesome colours in the palette. I think it would have been nice if the shadows were coirdinated differently.
Staying power: This is where this palette dissapoints the most. I really love how the eyeshadow looks with a good base underneath but no matter what primer I have used this week, they just kept creasing on me, and fast. By the end of an 8 hour work day the shadow was almost completely gone. I'm determined to make these shadows work though so I will have to find some way of using them. I was considering trying the Elf cream eyeshadows as they are a little dry and don't crease on my eyes.
Work appropriate: With the colour variation you get you could easily go from super neutral to dark and dramatic. 

I have mixed feelings about this palette. I'm super crazy about the colour selection but the lack of staying power ruins it a bit for me. I will keep trying though, because overall this is one cool palette. 


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