Sunday, November 27, 2011

Palette of the week

This week I have been using my Wet n Wild 8 color palette "petal pusher". Although I'm really loving these colours it's been quite a bumpy ride using this for an enitre week. 
On the go:These shadows blend like a dream and the colours are amazing but, I had a hard time slapping on a quick eye look using all purple shades. I had a couple of not so lucky looks this week. But I quickly learned that one shade all over the lid could look really nice instead of my usual shading and highlighting.

Evening out: You can certainly create some sparkly evening looks with this palette. I would say I probably prefer to use this for evening loks than for everyday looks.

Variation: It has potential, all I needed was one neutral looking beige colour and I would have been able to do a tonne of looks. I found that the eyelid colour on the right was a little too dark for the entire lid, the browbone colours were a little too sheer and just not right for all over the lid to I needed a good all over lid colour to really get some different looks going. I think I managed to pull off 3 wearable looks out of this palette.
Staying power: Staying power is great, I had no problems with creasing or fading. I tried using different primers and cream shadow and no matter what I used it looked good all day.
Work appropriate: Not for me. You definately can make it office friendly but only using this palette for a whole week and not wanting the same eye look made it quite difficult to come up with several work appropriate looks. 

This palette is amazing and I absolutely love it, but it was quite the challenge for me this week to skip in my neutrals and only wear purples. I really missed a neutral shade to tone down the looks a bit. I will certainly keep using this a lot but I'll be pairing it with a nude all over lid colour
A little side note: the meaning of my palette of the week challenge is to only use that palette and no other powder eyeshadows, I do this to really see how well this palette does on its own.  Just in case you were wondering why I didn't just use that beige all over colour I keep mentioning. lol.



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