Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sleek Au naturale palette otw

Yet another week has passed, and another palette has been put to the test. This week I have been using my Sleek Au naturale palette. I bought the palette last week and was very excited to try it out as I have been loving my other sleek palette. 

I would like to apologise in advance for the lousy picture quality, I am using my Xperia play to blog today as I am visiting my parents. For some reason the pictures just don't turn up that great even though my camera takes ok decent pics. Probably wont be editing picture on my phone again :)

On the go: This was not as easy as I thought it would be. I don't know what it is about the shadows but I do find them a bit hard to blend sometimes. They are not inpossible to blend but there is room for improvement. Also some of the shimmery shades tend to have a bit of fallout so it's not been the best for my busy mornings. It just takes more effort than I'm used to, to get that polished look.

Evening out: The shimmery shades are super glossy and great for evening looks. You do get a nice variation of dark shades so you can easily do a dark eye. However I'm not too impressed with the lighter shades in this palette. They swatch allright but they just kinda disappear on my lids

Variation: I feel like the colours are a bit too similar, especially the lighter shades could have been better. Also I feel like some of the shades have a bit of a yellow undertone to them, wich I'm not too crazy about. But you do get a good amount of both matte and shimmer wich helps a bit when trying to create different looks.

Staying power: These did not work well with a cream base for me. I tried several things and I found the too faced shadow inscurance worked best at keeping these shadows from creasing. I also found the shimmery shades to crease faster than the matte. These shadows have a creamy feel to them so I think that may be why they don't benefit from a cream base. It did take me a few days to figure out how to make them crease less but I found the answer: primer... Nothing more, noting less.

Work appropriate: Ofcourse it is. You can create super almost invisible looks but also more dramatic smokey looks. 

All in all I feel like these do take a little more effort than some of my other shadows, I prefer the shimmery to the matte but they do make allright mattes, they are probably just a little too close to my own skin tone to really show up that well. I'm not a big fan of the fallout either. But if you take the time and effort you will be rewarded with stunning eyes! This is great quality and that black is the blackest black I have ever seen! I'm not too crazy about the lighter shades and I think this would work better on medium to tan skin tones but it's an OK palette. Not my favorite from Sleek, but it's not that bad.



  1. I've been eyeing this palette up for a while and your review makes me want to get it more lol

  2. Ooh I love the deep, rich colours in this palette!
    I only have 2 sleek palettes but love both!

    Laura xx

  3. I'm glad you guys like it, I think Sleek does an amazing job with thier deep dark shades but I wish I felt the same about their lighter shades.


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