Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wet n Wild color Icon palettes

Finally! I just found out that a supermarket close to my parents place has updated their Wet n Wild selection. So now they carry a lot more than I could ever dream off. I have been using the Color Icon 8 color palette called "comfort zone" frequwntly ever since I got it. And now I finally have all 3. So I thought it was time to do a little updated review of the Color Icon 8 color palettes.

Link to old review of comfort zone here.

Price: I think they retail for around 5-6$ in the US. In Denmark they now retail for about 10$ wich is still a super great deal, seeing how other brands like L'oreal and Maybelline are extremely overpriced in Denmark compared to the prices in the US.

 Packaging: The packaging is actually quite allright with me. Nothing fancy but I love that the lid is clear so I can see the colours without openeing the lid. I initially found them really hard to open without breaking a nail, mostly because of the safety seals I had to peel off first. They do however open easily once the sticker is completely removed. They come with a dual sided sponge/brush applicator. I guess you could use them if you had no other brushes, but I don't care much for the applicators.

I remember being somewhat dissapointed the first time I picked up the Comfort Zone palette. I was not completely happy with the quality and felt that it had been hyped a little too much on youtube. I have since come to love Wetn wild eyeshadow and I was completely amazed and bedazzled by the unique shades in the color icon 8 color palettes.

These are all swatched with no base!

Blue had me at hello:   
 This palette probably has the most vibrant and most pigmented shades of the 3 palettes. I am so amazed by all of these colours but I especially love the teal eyelid shade, the shimmery navy crease colour and the matte black. These colours are absolutely amazing.

Comfort zone:  
The palette that got me started with wet n wild eyeshadow, There is quite a few shades in this palette that I absolutely adore, the mushroom browbone colour, the shimmery warm brown definer, the golden black crease colour and the amazing brown, teal definer colour.    

Petal pusher: 
The shades in this palette is not as pigmented as the other two palettes. But there are still some amazing unique shades in here. The golden lilac eyelid colour, the purple pink bronzey eyelid colour, the black with pink shimmer crease colour and the black with multi coloured glitter definer. 

I love these palettes sooo much. Not only are they packed with unique and rich shades, they are very well coordinated and they are inspiring to look at. They blend easily and they last quite well too. I'm soo glad I have all 3 and I hope they come up with more soon. I know there is a new matte palette but I'm not sure if I will be looking into that. If it ever comes to Denmark I will have to try it out. 




  1. I found your blog via google, I was looking for wet n wild stuff in Denmark, so you got this big palettes in denmark? In a fotex or in another shop? Maybe you can tell me, I´m so exited for my vacation in denmark, new Wet n Wild palettes would make me really happy ;)

    1. Well I Can't say for every city but in my hometown We have wet n wild in Bilka and Kvickly. So I suggest you look there :)

    2. Well, thanks, I always thought they are only sold at fotex and brugsen, but I´m I´m gonna have a look on the other stores! I really want this 8pan palettes, they look gorgeous :)


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