Sunday, December 11, 2011

ELF Essentials lipstick review update.

Nostalgic, captivating, flirtatious, charming, sociable, fearless
Classy, seductive
I did a review of 2 of the colours from the essential collection a while back. Now I've gotten my hands on all the new shades that have been added to the ELF UK site recently. They are called: Nostalgic, Charming, Captivating, Flirtatious, Socialble and Fearless, also shown and reviewed below is Classy and Seductive, the two shades I have reviewed earlier.

Price: 12,68DKK here 1,50£ here

Packaging: It's a round silver coloured tube. It's very easy to see the colour without opening the tube because it has clear plastic in the middle of the tube. It's not that nicely packaged but for the price I really don't care. It seems sturdy and I can't complain.

The lipstick has a slight scent to it, reminds me of some chewy vitamins I had as a kid. But the scent goes away quite fast so it's not a problem for me. They are not as creamy as the mineral line and can be a bit on the drying side. But with a bit of lip balm and a good scrub now and then, it shouldn't be a problem.

Classy: Is a pale rosy pink. It may look a bit like "runway pink" from the mineral line at first, but they are two completely different shades. "classy is more on the cool toned pink/purple side. It's actually a really hard shade to describe, but it's sooo pretty! I am really pleased with this colour, it suits me very vell and is super good for everyday use.

Seductive: Is a very wearable medium reddish colour. It's not a dramatic colour but not subtle either. I like to use it on the days I want a red lip but feel like I have to tone it down a bit. I can easily pull this off at the office with a neutral eye look.

Nostalgic: The colour is very very nice, not too pale and not too dark for my skintone, just the way a nude lip should look if you ask me. This lipstick is a little drying and not as creamy as the others so it does not apply as well as the others. But it's still one of my favorites.
Charming: Is such a nice colour, it reminds me a bit of "classy" but is completely different, this lipstick is one of the creamiest and softest on the lips. I just love this shade it's like my own lip colour just a couple of shades darker.
Captivating: is my least favorite colour, it is way too orange for me. I'm afraid my picture does not show just how orange this lipstick is. It's creamy and soft on the lips so if you like orange lipstick then go for it!
Flirtatious: I love this shade of pink. It's somewhere inbetween barbie doll pink and a more muted nude pink. It's a little more on the loud side than the nudes I'm used to, but it's just so darn wearable. I love it. This is one of the less creamy lipsticks unfortunately.
Sociable: Is just too "out there" for me. I feel as if my lips are screaming "ook at me" when I wear it. It's a bright red with some glitter in it. I think the shade is probably just wrong for my skintone. Super drying on my lips.
Fearless: Is a true red with blue undertones. I find it super wearable even though it's so intensely red. It's creamy and soft and it lasts very very well. I have been eating and drinking with it on and it was still perfect.

All in all I'm very very pleased with these lipsticks. They last quite long, most of them are nice and creamy and the colours are really lovely. So these are certainly good value for money. I'm considering trying the rest of the shades soon. 

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